Queen Elizabeth’s Makeup Routine Is Surprisingly Low Maintenance

A major part of being a member of the British Royal Family means being thrust into the spotlight. The women of the royal family, in particular, are used to having everything from their wardrobe choices to their hairstyles scrutinized under a microscope. Though more glamorous looks that involve glittering jewels and tiaras only occur a few times throughout the year, the royals are expected to look pristine at all times.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Photo by KIRSTY O’CONNOR/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

While we’ve always been intrigued by Duchess Kate Middleton and Duchess Meghan Markle’s gorgeous style and makeup looks — there is one royal woman who invented regality. Though she’s been in the spotlight for more than 70 years, Queen Elizabeth’s makeup routine is much simpler than you might think.

Queen Elizabeth does her own makeup

She might be the Queen of the United Kingdom and she may be worth millions of dollars, but Queen Elizabeth doesn’t believe in being fussy. Royal fans might be shocked to know that she does her own makeup. With her colorful matching suits, hats, gloves and purse the Crowned Queen knows exactly how she wants to look — pink lip and all.

Since she’s had to represent the British Royal Family for so many years, it’s very important to the queen that her image is regal and elegant. The reigning monarch knows exactly how she likes her makeup to look. Therefore, she has taken it upon herself to do her own makeup all of these years later.

Queen Elizabeth only gets her makeup done once a year

Just like the rest of us who run to Sephora or call a professional MUA for an uber fancy event now and again, Queen Elizabeth only gets her makeup professionally done once a year. In her book, The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe –the queen’s longtime dresser and good friend Angela Kelly wrote that the only time a makeup artist sees the queen’s face is just before her televised Christmas speech which is broadcast across the United Kingdom each year. 

Kelly wrote, “You might be surprised to know that this is the only occasion throughout the year when Her Majesty does not do her own makeup.”

Inside Duchess Kate Middleton’s makeup routine

Following the queen’s footsteps —Duchess Kate Middleton prefers to keep things simple –wearing products like Bobbi Boss highlighter and Urban Decay eye shadow. However, the Duchess of Cambridge’s main focus is on the health of her skin.

The mom of three is obsessed with Trilogy rosehip oil. The oil helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles while removing blemishes, dims scars. Apparently, the duchess uses the oil twice a day.

Inside Duchess Meghan Markle’s makeup routine

Like Middleton and the queen —the Duchess of Sussex also keeps things simple with her makeup routine. Despite what’s been said about her –Markle does her own hair and makeup for events. She prefers a more natural look and has talked previously about her preference for tinted moisturizer over foundation.

From the queen down –the women of the royal family are more low maintenance then you would expect when it comes to their beauty routines.