Instagram Image of Shannon Beador From ‘RHOC’ Shows She’s Crushing Her Health Goals

Shannon Beador Instagram

If anyone should be hashtagging their Instagram image with “goals” it is Shannon Beador from The Real Housewives of Orange County. The mother of three has been publicly battling her weight for the past few years and seems to be winning the war.

Beador recently posted a new image to Instagram that shows her super fit, slimmed-down physique. She’s also grinning in the image, standing next to a treadmill, which seemed to be her white whale for some time. So it appears she may have made peace with exercise and maybe even is embracing it. No doubt her bestie, fitness professional, Tamra Judge couldn’t be happier Beador is on board with fitness too.

She’s also inspiring her followers

Beador’s health and fitness journey is becoming a model for her Instagram followers. A number of people commented on her post about how she’s been an inspiration for them. “My lord you look amazing!! So proud of you,” one person wrote. “Sure wish I, could get to that place in my life and recreate a healthy life style! What an encouragement!”

Another follower commented, “Wow!!! You are an inspiration. You being open about your struggle with weight and food really helps others overcome. Rock on!” Another person commented on Beador’s revenge body too. “U look gorgeous!!!! Best revenge ever!!!! Keep the good work!!”

Her new meal program may be helping too

While some people turn to the popular keto diet, Beador created her own meal program. In fact, she launched an entire business based on healthy eating, which may be helping to fuel her journey to health and wellness. She launched “Real for Real Cusine,” sold on QVC. Each 450 calorie meal is based on her own recipes but tweaked so they can be packaged and frozen.

“What I’ve come to realize is that everyone wants to be healthy, but you can drive yourself crazy trying to be healthy all the time,” she told People. “I believe that if you create a healthy balance, so if you make a few smart choices during the week, you can have that cocktail on the weekend, or you can go out to dinner and eat whatever you want in a restaurant.”

She may be feeling better emotionally too

Shannon and David Beador | The Last News via YouTube

Physical health can be impacted by emotional wellbeing too. Last fall Beador told People she’s found inner strength since divorcing her ex-husband David. “I’ve gotten stronger, deep down. Part of what I did after I separated with David — while staying home, not going out, and not doing much of anything — was I tried to self-reflect and figure out the changes I wanted to make in myself. What kind of person do I want to be?” she said.

“I wasn’t any rose to come home to at the end of my marriage,” Beador added. “I was really reactive. And I needed to learn to take a step back, take in any potential criticism I might perceive about being negative, and really examine that.”

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