Why Some Fans Are Not Happy With the Early Reservation Process for BTS’s Upcoming Concerts

BTS early reservation concerts
BTS | Bauzen/GC Images

BTS will hold Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final] on Oct. 26, 27, and 29. The three day concert event concludes the group’s Love Yourself era and incorporated the raffle lottery system for purchasing tickets. On Sept. 25, fanclub members participated in the early reservation round to secure tickets. After tickets sold out, international fans expressed why the process is unfair for fans outside of South Korea.

Early reservation did not go as planned for international BTS fans

Early reservation opened for BTS fanclub members at 8:00 p.m. KST. To participate, fans had to purchase a membership by Sept. 16. The early reservation period allows fanclub members to purchase up to two tickets per concert date.

While fans in South Korea purchase tickets through the main Interpark website, international fans use Global Interpark. As soon as the early reservation period opened, Global Interpark did not work for a majority of international fans.

Due to high traffic, the website crashed multiple times. If it did not crash, fans were repeatedly signed out. Other fans were not even able to sign in to their accounts to purchase tickets.

“interpark global early reservation was so unfair to i-armys, the amount of people who still can’t even LOG IN to the website is ridiculous & after paying for the membership you’d think everyone would have equal chances to fight for tickets but nah,” one fan tweeted.

“So whats the point of early ticketing reservation when the site doesnt even work,” wrote a Twitter user.

Some fans think Interpark blocked international fans from purchasing tickets

Some international fans believe Global Interpark purposely blocked international fans from purchasing tickets. While Global Interpark did not work for international ARMY, fans in Korea were able to purchase a majority of the tickets. Some fans believe this was done on purpose to give priority to Korean fans.

“Global interpark has been blocking for ones IP and VPN addresses. So we never stood a chance,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“What if I-armies were just meant to get in during general reservation period? They blocked us completely during early reservation lol,” another wrote.

Scalpers were still able to purchase tickets during early reservation for BTS’s concerts

BTS tickets are notoriously hard to purchase no matter the country of the event. In most cases, it comes down to luck with the raffle system or who can pay the highest price to a scalper.

“on the korean site, ppl are like there are still many tickets left. a korean even commented this is the easiest BTS ticketing ever. but intl army struggling…,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

Even though the raffle lottery system is meant to dissuade scalpers, some scalpers still got tickets during early reservation for BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final]. While international fans waited for hours on Global Interpark to log in, resale tickets were posted on Twitter and websites like Ticketbay.

“Hi @BigHitEnt please get rid of the tickets bought by scalpers and let us, those who bought the membership, buy our tickets from the globalinterpark website. Please let us enjoy the EARLY RESERVATION that came with the membership. I am trying not to lose my patience. please TY,” a fan tweeted.

BTS fans wonder if the fanclub membership is truly worth it

After the early reservation ordeal, some international fans felt discouraged about the fanclub membership. The membership promises access to domestic events like Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final], but a large portion of fans could not even login to buy tickets.

“Bought my Global Fanclub membership to get an early reservation but i’ve been refreshing @globalINTERPARK for 3 1/2 hours now and it doesn’t show anything. I feel scammed, although I know I wasn’t. This is worst than a heartbreak #btsconcert,” a fan tweeted.

“bh pushing the international fanclub agenda and forcing many of us to buy the membership for the raffle and early reservation perks. USELESS,” one fan wrote on Twitter.