Internet Overreacts to Unreleased Jay Z and Daft Punk B-Side



An old, never-released collaboration between Daft Punk and Jay Z has surfaced online via a Daft Punk fan site. The song “Computerized” contains a sample that Daft Punk later used for the 2010 soundtrack to Tron: Legacy, but it’s unclear when this song was recorded and for what purpose.

The song’s message about the world’s dependence on technology and the shortfalls of that medium as a form of communication is ironic, given that Daft Punk is an electronic music duo that performs in costume as robots. Jay Z raps about being disillusioned with communicating via technology having “a iTouch, but I can’t feel” and expressing a “broken heart over email.” Several publications have sarcastically pointed out that Hova’s lyrics were likely written before he decided to have his latest album Magna Carta… Holy Grail sponsored by Samsung.

At first it was rumored that Kanye West had produced the track, and it appeared on a Kanye message board, but Pitchfork confirmed that West was not involved with the song, though the publication didn’t cite its sources. Kanye has sampled Daft Punk in the past, on the Graduation track “Stronger.”

While Noisey insinuates the track could easily be a fake, pointing out that anyone could take the synth line from the Tron soundtrack and sing “computerized” into a microphone with a vocoder effect on it, Pitchfork says that the song is the real deal.

The most likely origin of the song is that it was a throwaway from the Tron soundtrack. Reception of the track has been mixed. Noisey said: “In conclusion, ‘Computerized’ is probably an old track that was never meant to see the light of day. The biggest red flag? ‘Computerized’ kind of sucks. No way Kanye, Jay, and Daft Punk wanted to let it into this cold, unloving world.”

Others think the track is pretty awesome. “What is clear is the message: that we should be more independent of technology… except for the kind that allows us to listen to this bumpin’ song,” says Elite Daily.

The song probably isn’t worth all the attention that’s been lavished on it, but it’s not awful or even bad. Daft Punk did just win a bunch of Grammys for its latest album, Random Access Memories, a ceremony at which Jay Z also took home a best rap collaboration trophy for “Holy Grail” from Magna Carta… Holy Grail.

Daft Punk and Jay Z both released critically acclaimed albums last year, so the world is hungry for new music — and given how awesome Kanye’s “Stronger” was, the idea of a collaboration between Jay Z, Kanye, and Daft Punk seems like it should be incredible. But the Internet has jumped the gun, overly praising a song that should only be really interesting for Daft Punk and Jay Z super-fans, not a lost gem that coulda, shoulda, woulda been a hit single.

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