The Internet’s Best Reactions To Sasha Obama’s Stunning Prom Photos

One of America’s favorite former first daughters, Sasha Obama, found herself smack dab in the middle of the spotlight this weekend. The 17-year-old daughter of the 44th President of the United States managed to stun the Internet for all of the right reasons with her gorgeous prom photos.

Sasha Obama
Sasha Obama | JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images

Since Sasha’s life has been far from ordinary, it can be difficult for people to remember that at her core, she is still a regular teenager who will take part in normal teenage activities and rites of passage. But on Friday night, Sasha did just that and got all dolled up to attend her high school prom.

Prom Photos

Opting for a floor-length, black, form-fitting dress with a high slit and bare shoulders, Sasha was the definition of chic. The former first daughter chose to accessorize her gown with hoop earrings, a delicate necklace, and chunky heels. As she smiles for pictures, the teen is the picture of elegance.

It’s clear that former First Lady Michelle Obama has passed down her beauty, grace, poise, and class to both of her daughters. Sasha posed with her date (Chris Milton), her sister (20-year-old, Harvard student, Malia Obama) and the former First Lady. It was unclear if former President Barack Obama was also present, as no pictures of him have surfaced yet.

Of course, the beautiful photos blew up across social media. Drawing in thousands of likes, comments, and reposts, people all over the country sent their well wishes and support to Sasha. This caused her to start trending, which caused a whole new array of reactions.

The Internet claps back

Having watched her grow into a beautiful, young lady, it comes as no surprise that many people feel very protective over the teen. Not immediately knowing the reason behind why Sasha was trending, many people got emotional very quickly. Some people went straight to fear and were worried, before discovering why she was trending and sending her well wishes. “My heart stopped when I saw Sasha Obama trending … And then I saw why! What a classy, beautiful young woman! Happy Prom!! ” wrote a Twitter user.

Others got nostalgic for the days that the Obamas were in the oval and begrudged the current state of the White House. One Twitter user wrote “Sees Sasha Obama trending. Fears more garbage. Realizes she’s fine. Breathes a sigh of relief. Then misses the humanity, the competency, and decency of @BarackObama and @MichelleObama for the umpteenth time. “

However, the funniest and most heartwarming reactions were from the sheer volume of people ready to defend Sasha’s honor, no questions asked. Here are some of our favorite reactions.

College bound

Though these posts are quite humorous, it’s great to see that so many people were ready to stick up for Sasha. We hope that she enjoyed her Prom night and wish her the best in her upcoming celebrations. The 17-year-old is rumored to attend the University of Michigan in the Fall and we wish her every happiness and success.