‘Into the Dark’: Why You Never See the Victim’s Face in ‘The Body’

Into the Dark
Into the Dark | Hulu

Hulu’s new series Into the Dark tells horror stories taking place around different holidays. It’s only appropriate that it started with Halloween with the episode, “The Body” where a hitman struggles to dispose of a body in the middle of a rambunctious Halloween night. Viewers might have noticed they never saw the body of the famous dead person. Why is that?

Co-writer and director, Paul Davis and co-writer Paul Fischer of “The Body” explained this decision in an email to The Cheat Sheet. Here is what you need to know.

The body is a McGuffin

Into the Dark
Into the Dark | Hulu

The characters in the show know exactly who was killed by Wilkes. It’s someone who is rich and famous. But the audience has no clue who it is and there’s a reason for that.

“The body was always conceived as a classic McGuffin,” explained Davis. “the story isn’t about the body, it’s about everything that happens because of the body. Once we agreed on that, it was immediately clear that retaining a mystery about it was a lot more fun and intriguing than limiting the story by making it one specific person.”

Fischer revealed the answer he gave to people who asked him about the identity of the body. “Many have asked me already who it is,” wrote Fischer “and my honest answer is that it’s whoever you want it to be. It’s essentially the briefcase in Pulp Fiction – it’s delivery is important to the story, the contents, however, are not.”

So fans will have to come up with their own identity for the body. That might be too open for interpretation for some, but one thing is clear — the death of that person led to a wild night.

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