Is ’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Ashley Martson Dating ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Alum Christian Estrada?

90 Day Fiancé star Jay Smith isn’t the only one who seems to have moved on — it seems as if Ashley Martson might be back on the dating scene as well. After a tumultuous marriage rocked by infidelity, Martson and Smith’s relationship ended with Smith detained by ICE and, according to Martson, refusing to sign divorce papers

Now, Smith has a new girlfriend, who might be pregnant. But Martson might have found love as well — with another reality star to boot. 

Christian’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ fight

Christian Estrada made waves when he got into a physical altercation on a recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Estrada had been interested in pursuing fellow cast member Nicole. Clay also had eyes for Nicole, and Clay’s friend Jordan wasn’t having it. 

Jordan tried to disrupt Estrada’s time with Nicole by ripping down Christian’s piñata he’d seemingly prepared for Nicole. Jordan then went on to body slam Christian to the ground, and then producers hit the scene and kept Christian from charging at Jordan. 

Castmate Katie said of the situation, “There’s no way all of us are gonna feel safe with them around. The two of them need to leave. They’re out of control.”

As a result of the altercation, the two were booted from Bachelor in Paradise. A pretty embarrassing ending for both of the contestants, but it seems Estrada has found love again regardless. 

A date in a magical place

Ashley Martson and Christian Estrada were spotted in Disney World on August 17th, and according to People, a source has confirmed that it was definitely a date. On August 2nd, Martson shared a picture of Estrada to Instagram, and wrote, “blinded from the start,” alongside some heart-eye emojis. 

While it’s not entirely clear how serious the two are, it’s good to see Martson moving on from her train wreck of a 90 Day Fiancé marriage. Meanwhile, Estrada’s reputation probably took a small hit after the Bachelor in Paradise fiasco, but it seems Martson doesn’t mind much. And either way, Jordan looked like the bigger antagonist in the end. 

Martson isn’t the only one finding love again, however. Jay Smith is dating someone new, and she might be pregnant.

Jay Smith has moved on too

While Jay Smith was detained by ICE, a woman named Kayla O’Brien started a GoFundMe for the 90 Day Fiancé star. Now, it’s been confirmed that Smith is dating O’Brien. According to Martson, O’Brien worked at a strip club Smith frequented. 

Martson said Smith’s new girlfriend, “[Kayla] used to be a stripper and she has changed her career over to a bottle service girl now.”

“He was going to the strip club, like, many times a week. … Then someone had alerted me that, like, he was talking to one of the girls in there,” Martson told Us Weekly.

Martson appeared on The Domenick Nati Show, during which she said, “There’s already a lot of rumors going around that his girlfriend that started the GoFundMe is pregnant. From what I saw at court she could’ve been expecting… so if I sign [for him] I would be responsible for paying his child support. No way in hell am I going to put my name on that line. There’s no way.”

Jay Smith recently uploaded an image of a sonogram to Instagram, leading many to believe O’Brien was indeed pregnant. However, the image has since been removed, and some fans are claiming it was a hoax to begin with.