Is ‘Absolute Carnage’ Laying the Groundwork for Future ‘Venom’ sequels?

The trailer for the Absolute Carnage series took the world by storm. Getting to see Carnage back as the central character has certainly delighted the masses, but could the new series be laying the groundwork for the addition of a movie that focuses on Carnage? It’s possible. After all, Andy Serkis was just named the director of Venom 2, and he plans on taking the series in a new direction. Perhaps, that new direction will see Venom and Spider-Man teaming up against Carnage.

What is Absolute Carnage about?

Absolute Carnage centers around the symbiote who has bonded with the serial killer, Cletus Kassidy. Back for vengeance, Carnage is taking aim at everyone that a symbiote has ever bonded with. In the first installment, it is explained that symbiotes don’t just bond with a host then leave it unscathed.

Instead, a piece of the symbiote is left behind. The codex, it’s explained, essentially marks the host and communicates information back to the hive. With the hive essentially cut off, whoever collects each codex piece can reconnect and inflict absolute carnage.

The series is slated for five books at the moment. Book one and two will be released in August, with book three, four, and five releasing throughout the rest of 2019. The series has been teased throughout Venom, as well. 

Could it be the central theme in Venom 2?

It’s unlikely that Carnage will be a central theme in Venom 2, at least, no one has suggested it will be. Little, however, is known about what Venom 2 will look like, or how Serkis’ direction could potentially change things up.

Tom Hardy, however, has claimed that he’d like to see his Venom character tie closely into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland has noted that he’d like to see his Spider-Man take on Venom, according to CBR.

A lot of groundwork would likely need to be laid to make that happen, though. Serkis’ Venom 2 is likely to alter the story told in the original Venom, and the origin story might be fleshed out further. Venom entering the MCU could also be problematic for Sony. The company has plans for its own film universe that is likely to use Venom as a significant foundation. A crossover, is, of course possible, but weaving the two worlds together present some hurdles.

What else does Sony have planned for their comic universe?

Venom 2 seems to be the big news out of Sony’s MU for 2020, but it is not the only feature film planned for the company. Morbius is scheduled for a July 2020 release. Morbius, based on the vampiric anti-hero, will hit theaters on July 31. Jared Leto has signed on to play the title character, according to Deadline.

A film centering around Nightwatch was also allegedly planned, but pre-production has been halted for a rewrite. In May 2018, rumors swirled that Spike Lee would be directing the film, but that was all conjecture. Lee, speaking with Screen Rant, insists that he is not signed onto the project in any capacity.