English singer Adele is famous for her soaring voice and chart-topping ballads, but in recent years, she’s also earned accolades for the low-key way that she conducts her personal life.

Adele is rarely called out by the tabloids for any drama, mainly because she’s worked hard to keep her privacy. Although she has suffered her share of heartbreak in the past, these days, Adele is happily in love with her longtime partner, Simon Konecki.

What does Simon Konecki do?

At the age of 44, Simon Konecki is 13 years older than Adele. Konecki spent his childhood years in New York City but moved to London when he was 10, to study in some of the finest schools in the world. Konecki is known as a brilliant mind, and at the age of 17, he became a foreign exchange broker. He went on to manage large teams of people at Lehman Brothers.

Konecki also has a giving personality and left Lehman Brothers in 2005 in order to found Life Water, an eco-friendly water brand. Following the success of Life Water, Konecki and his business partner Lucas White decided to create the charity Drop4Drop, which focuses on providing clean water to developing countries all over the world. It is undoubtedly Konecki’s combination of entrepreneurship and community awareness that first drew Adele to him.

How long has he been married to Adele?

Adele became famous for powerful songs like “Someone Like You” and “Set Fire to the Rain,” which spoke of both great love and great loss. It seems only natural that Adele drew inspiration for these songs from real-life heartbreak. Although the singer never publicly named the boyfriend that inspired her record-breaking success, she did admit that the relationship had evolved between 2009-2010. After their breakup, Adele resolved to stay single, but that resolution didn’t last long once she met Simon Konecki, reportedly around 2011.

Konecki was also fresh off the heels of a breakup, having divorced his wife of four years, a stylist, in 2008. Neither Konecki or Adele have confirmed where or how they first met, but Adele’s friend, Ed Sheeran, did shoot down rumors that he was the one that introduced them. However they first met, things progressed very quickly, and by 2012, rumors started circulating that Adele and Konecki were expecting a baby.

Do they have any children?

In June 2012, Adele confirmed the rumors by announcing on her blog that she was, in fact, pregnant. She and Konecki welcomed their son, Angelo, in October 2012. For a long time after the baby’s birth, Adele refused to speak publicly about her boyfriend or their son and remained steadfast in protecting their privacy. The new family was spotted together occasionally walking in the park or on days out. 

In 2017, the tabloids started reporting that Adele and Konecki had secretly gotten married. Surprisingly, Adele herself confirmed the rumors in February 2017 when she won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year. When making her acceptance speech, Adele gushed over her longtime partner, calling him her manager and her husband. 

These days, Adele and her husband seem better than ever. In a recent interview, Adele opened up about Konecki, saying that Konecki wasn’t ever threatened by her celebrity status and that their relationship is the most serious one she’s ever been in. She went on to state that not only was Konecki very much his own person, with his own interests and hobbies but that to her, he is “perfect.” With new music reportedly on the way, fans of Adele might soon be able to learn even more about the iconic English songbird and her sweet family life.