Is Adele Working on a Post-Divorce Album?

Adele and her husband of three years, Simon Konecki, have filed for divorce. The couple has reportedly been separated for a while. They say their relationship problems are two-fold: wanting different things and geography.

According to reports, Konecki wants to remain in the U.K. while Adele prefers the U.S. There is also the problem of privacy. While both of them prefer to keep their personal life private, Adele is undoubtedly a widely-recognized and famous singer. That doesn’t always sit well with Konecki, who may be wanting something more private in his family life.

Adele, who is known for singing about heartbreak and love, is raising questions about what’s next after her divorce. Specifically, will she produce more music? Die-hard fans are curious if her recent split will be a source of inspiration for a post-divorce album.

Album’s 19, 21, and 25 came from heartbreak

Adele has three studio albums: 19, 21, and 25. All three albums are about heartbreak. When she released the song Someone Like You, on her last album, many speculated that she was singing about an ex-boyfriend. That was later confirmed by her writing partner Dan Wilson, in an interview in American Songwriter.

The long-standing joke in the music industry is that Adele can only make beautiful music when she is sad. She has even helped perpetuate this rumor in interviews, mentioning that her songwriting inspiration comes from real-life heartache.

“When I’m happy, I ain’t writing songs – I’m out having a laugh.” and “If I ever get married, it’ll be, ‘Darling, I need a divorce. It’s been three years – I’ve got a record to write,'” reports The Mirror.

Does anyone else think it’s strange that she said that back in 2011, and now she is getting divorced after three years of marriage to Konecki? Is her life a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Adele’s divorce might spark creativity

If the split from her husband is like her other breakups, we might be in for new music. That is at least what everyone is talking about. Rumor has it that the Hello singer has been back in the studio. 

Adele is known for creating music during times of sadness and divorce is definitely a situation that could spark creativity for her. We also already know that she was planning on getting back to work on new music in the future.

In an interview she gave a while back she talked about her previous albums and whether her fourth record would be named after a number. She responded by saying that she “likes trilogies and that is over” and that “the next album will likely be called ‘Adele.'” This might be her way of showing the world she has moved beyond her younger years. At the very least it shows that a new album is on her mind.

Is Adele working on a post-divorce album?

Some sources have said she has been meeting with Sony, her record label. They have been discussing her progress, which can only mean she is working on something. It is safe to assume at this point that the “something” is music.

Another insider told The Mirror that Adele was working hard on a new album that she hopes to release in December. We do know that she has been in New York and that her creativity overflows after breakups, making it very likely.

It’s also possible that she will need to make more money, now that she is getting a divorce. It doesn’t look like she and Konecki had a prenup. There is a possibility that the California courts may award him with half of her money. If that’s the case, she will need to dust off her vocal cords sooner rather than later.