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While The Masked Singer fans are busy guessing the identities of all of the performers, those who are familiar with music group 3LW, Disney Channel franchise The Cheetah Girls, and daytime talk show The Real are focused on one theory in particular. Is singer, actress, and television personality, Adrienne Bailon the Flamingo?

Not only could Adrienne be the Flamingo, but another Cheetah Girls member could be on the show this season, as well as a member of another famous girl group!

Adrienne Bailon at Bloggers Who Brunch
Adrienne Bailon | Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

The Flamingo on ‘Masked Singer’

Over the past few weeks, the Flamingo has given some hints about their true identity, including how they are in love with beauty and makeup.

On the second episode of The Masked Singer Season 2, the Flamingo said, “Listen, I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your career. So I left. Now, I’m trying to take back control of my destiny.”

There is also a particular reason why they chose the Flamingo as their alter-ego. “[Flamingos] represent new beginnings,” they said. “It’s about time this badass birdie got to show her feathers again.”

Because of all these hints, you could easily see the Flamingo being a former member of a girl group or a former child star.

Why Adrienne Bailon could be the Flamingo

Fans on social media have been convinced that Bailon is the Flamingo, even before the first episode aired. Once clips of the show began surfacing on social media, folks just knew they had figured things out.

The initial clip of the Flamingo depicted them singing “Lady Marmalade.”

“This is Adrienne Bailon … I know a cheetah girl when I hear one,” said one fan on Twitter.

Another viewer agreed, tweeting, “I called Adrienne Bailon-Houghton as the Flamingo, 3 seconds into her performance on The Masked Singer!”

Why Adrienne Bailon says she’s not the Flamingo

Recently, on her daytime talk show, The Real, Bailon denied the rumored reports that she is the Flamingo. Of course, if Bailon actually is the Flamingo, she’s not going to reveal that information. However, it is still interesting to hear her explain why she’s not on the show.

“I literally don’t understand how people think that I can do this show at 4:00 in the morning and that show at night,” she said. “People are saying really nice things. That’s dope, but at the same time, the answer is no.”

Though Bailon attempts to explain this well, it is no secret that The Masked Singer films way in advance, so this would be completely doable.

“Guys, my breasts are big but those are really big,” she added. She also has her own theory for who the Flamingo is. “I thought it was maybe Ally Brooke, but she’s doing Dancing with the Stars.

Is there another Cheetah Girls member on ‘The Masked Singer’?

According to some viewers, Adrienne Bailon could be just one of two members of The Cheetah Girls on the show. Some believe that Raven-Symone is Black Widow.

One fan says, “No spoilers bc I’m just now watching this weeks episode but I cannot believe the masked singer really put Raven symone and Adrienne bailon on this season together. There’s no DOUBT in my mind that the black widow is Raven and the flamingo is Adrienne”

“If the Black Widow & Flamingo from TheMaskedSinger turn out to be anyone BESIDES Raven Symone and Adrienne Bailon, I will disappoint the inner 9 year old that lives inside my heart,” adds another.

Not only could there be another Cheetah Girl on the show, but some fans also think Destiny’s Child member, Michelle Williams might also be on The Masked Singer this season.

People believe that Williams is the Butterfly. “So I’m 673029363 percent sure Michelle Williams is the butterfly on the Masked Singer and she sang Bang Bang by Jessie J and YALL. Michelle really be singinnnnnn,” said a viewer.

Only time will tell if our girl group dreams have come true to see all of these ladiesidentities revealed on the show!