Is ‘American Horror Story’ Canceled Or Will There Be a Season 9?

Since 2011, American Horror Story has captivated people with its plot lines of various terrifying themes. Dedicated fans continue to come back season after season to see what crazy new twists and turns await them.

Season 8 of American Horror Story concluded in November 2018 and the show has not yet returned, leaving viewers everywhere wondering what its fate will be.

Has American Horror Story been canceled? Will there be a season 9? We have the answers below, so read on to find out.

‘American Horror Story’ is one of FX’s most successful shows

Ever since its first season, American Horror Story has been well-received by both critics and viewers alike. It draws in millions of viewers every week and has won almost 100 awards, including the prestigious Primetime Emmy Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and Golden Globe Awards.

The show has been praised for its suspenseful plots, unique humor, and women-centric storylines. Despite its name, American Horror Story also isn’t like a typical scary movie. It is creepy and has gory scenes, but overall, people seem to love the fact that a wide variety of audience can enjoy the series.

Additionally, actors who have starred in several seasons of American Horror Story, such as Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, and Sarah Paulson, have become familiar faces and household names themselves.

‘American Horror Story’ has been approved for two more seasons

Because of its success, there’s no reason why FX would not renew the show. In fact, it has been announced in August 2018 that American Horror Story would run for two more seasons, until season 10.

However, whether season 10 will be the final season or not is still up in the air. According to FX’s CEO John Landgraf, that actually would all be based on if the show’s creator Ryan Murphy is interested in coming up with more horror themes for the subsequent seasons.

“A lot of that comes down to Ryan and whether he still feels inspired about it,” Landgraf said. “Part of what’s cool about American Horror Story is its anthology nature. So it comes down to whether Ryan and his collaborators, like [showrunner] Tim Minear, could come up with stories that they are excited about.”

Season 9 of ‘American Horror Story’ will premiere in the fall

After the coven of witches saved the world in American Horror Story: Apocalypse, the next season will be called American Horror Story: 1984 and, judging by the trailer released, will be based on beloved slasher films from the 1980s.

There hasn’t been many details released yet about this new season, except for a few news about the cast members involved. So far, we know that Evan Peters, who has been in every season, is likely to sit out on 1984.

However, Emma Roberts, who has been in an on-and-off relationship with Evan Peters for seven years (they’re now off), will be in it. Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy will also appear on American Horror Story for the first time on season 9 as the boyfriend of Emma Robert’s character.

As for Sarah Paulson, who has been in every season just like Evan Peters, her appearance in 1984 still remains a mystery. “I don’t really know the answer to that,” Paulson shared. “I think… all I can say is I know the least about this season upcoming that I’ve known about any season… Usually, I have more information at this point, and I’m bugging Ryan [Murphy] with questions.”

As with the past seasons, American Horror Story: 1984 will premiere in the fall. The 10th season, which is currently unnamed, will most likely premiere in 2020.