Is Ana Navarro Married? Find Out ‘The View’ Co-Host’s Relationship Status

Anyone who follows politics in Washington D.C. is probably familiar with Ana Navarro. In the past few years, the Republican political commentator has appeared on a lot of shows to share her thoughts on different government policies.

While many people are aware of Navarro’s political views, it’s not every day that we hear about her personal life. As such, some onlookers might be wondering about her marital status.

Ana Navarro has acted as a political commentator for various shows

Ana Navarro on 'The View.'
Ana Navarro | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Since the 1990s, Navarro has worked as a political strategist for various Republican politicians, including Jeb Bush, John McCain, and John Huntsman Jr.

In 2014, she began branching out into being a political commentator on TV. Navarro has been seen on networks such as ABC, CNN, CNN en Español, and Telemundo.

Since 2015, Navarro has also acted as a recurring panelist on ABC’s The View.

Ana Navarro is known for being an anti-Trump Republican

Navarro has been a Republican since she first came to the U.S. as a child. She was born in Nicaragua.

However, Navarro is not afraid to criticize some members of the party who she feels does not represent Republican values. Most notably, she disagrees with Donald Trump on a lot of grounds and has been labeled a “Never Trump-er.”

Navarro has been open about being against Trump for his anti-immigrant policies and misogynistic comments, which she feels are not the Republic ideas she grew up on.

“I can’t reconcile the Republican principles I grew-up embracing with those represented by Trump and the Republican Party, which has now molded itself in his image,” she once said. “That’s why I am not a Trump supporter. Because I cannot reconcile the two.”

Since 2016, Navarro has even voted for a few Democrat candidates instead of Republicans that she does not identify with. She even supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

Ana Navarro is married to Al Cardenas

Since politics play a big role in Navarro’s life, it is not surprising that her husband is a big player in politics as well. Navarro is currently married to Al Cárdenas, a lawyer and chairman of the American Conservative Union.

Navarro and Cárdenas first met 25 years ago, though it is not clear when they started dating. However, Navarro shared that “it wasn’t the right time back then” and they managed to remain friends.

Fast forward to 2019 and the two of them tied the knot in March at a waterfront venue in Miami, Florida. People reported that there were many famous faces at the wedding, such as Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Eva Longoria, Gloria Estefan, Mitt Romney, and Navarro’s fellow anchors on The View.

Navarro also told People: “I feel full of love and surrounded by love. He treats me like I’m a princess, he treats me with so much love and respect… I like everything about him.”

Meanwhile, Cárdenas also commented: “We’re just a perfect match and she truly is my best friend. She’s earned every ounce of my love. It’s just hard to express my happiness.”

Ana Navarro was unfairly criticized for her ‘lavish’ wedding

While the wedding seemed like a happy event for Navarro and Cárdenas, not everyone was pleased to learn about it. The Washington Examiner, for example, posted an article bashing Navarro for how “lavish” her wedding was.

“Wedding registries reveal expensive tastes of Florida’s leading Never Trumpers,” the article said before listing various items that added up to $6328.08.

In response, Navarro later tweeted: “$39 towels from Pottery Barn sound so ‘lavish’. Oooh. I’m so shamed.”