Is Angelina Jolie Making Brad Pitt Look Bad By Bringing Kids to the Red Carpet?

For a while, they were the most talked-about couple in the world. Fans couldn’t get enough of their love story, and the way that they traveled the world with their growing family.

However, not every love story has a happy ending, and unfortunately, this was the case for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The pair split in 2016 and ever since then, have been embroiled in a bitter back-and-forth battle over their six children

The breakdown of Brangelina

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie notoriously met on the set of the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2004. Even though Brad Pitt was married at the time to Jennifer Aniston, the chemistry was undeniable, and soon the tabloids started reporting that the two were having an affair. Soon after the film was released, the couple confirmed their relationship and started going out on the town together.

The pair welcomed three biological children in addition to their three adopted children. Pitt and Jolie officially tied the knot in 2014 after years of speculation about whether or not they would ever get married. However, shortly after their dream wedding, reports surfaced that all was not well with Pitt and Jolie, whom the press had long ago dubbed “Brangelina.” The reports were confirmed when Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in September 2016, after only two years of marriage. While the cause of their marital problems has never been revealed, there was much speculation that Pitt’s problems with alcohol contributed to pushing Jolie to officially file.

Who has custody of their kids?

The divorce hasn’t been easy for either Pitt or Jolie. For over two years, they have been working out the details of their divorce settlement, and are in fact still legally married. The custody agreement has apparently been one of the most difficult components of the divorce, with Jolie initially asking for primary physical custody of all six children. Pitt fought back and requested joint physical custody of the kids. 

After a lot of court battles and back and forth between lawyers, Pitt and Jolie are reported to have reached a custody settlement. While all of the details of the agreement weren’t made public, a representative for Jolie did reveal that both parents will share custody of the kids and that the final legal filings will be handled out of court to better protect the interest of the children.

Is Brad Pitt angry with Angelina Jolie about her taking the kids on the town?

Angelina Jolie has always been a bit more public with the children than Brad Pitt and frequently takes her older children out to special events. Recently, Jolie made headlines when she took the kids to the premieres of two separate films, including the highly-anticipated Dumbo movie on March 11th. While reportedly, the children seemed to be having a great time and chowed down on a wide variety of movie-themed snacks, Pitt is none too thrilled that Jolie takes the children to such public events. 

While various news outlets claim that Pitt isn’t happy with his estranged wife choosing to be so public with the kids, there isn’t much he can do about it. Since both parents share custody, all Brad Pitt can do is make the most of the time he has with his children when they are with him. Pitt is also a much more private person than Jolie and actively tries to avoid the media. He grants few interviews these days, so it is likely even more important to him that his time with his children is kept under the radar. Furthermore, the media seems to realize that Pitt stays away from the spotlight in his off time, and hasn’t yet tried to shame him for his parenting. Although no one knows what the future holds for Pitt and Jolie, their fans can only hope that they are both able to find happiness with their family.