Is Another Bates Family Courtship in the Works? Fans Think So!

A lot has been going on in the Bates household recently. Not only did the family successfully watch Carlin Bates walk down the aisle, but Erin Bates announced her fourth pregnancy and Michaela Bates moved back to Tennessee. Fans, however, think there is even more big news brewing for the ultra-conservative Christian family. Rumors are swirling that Trace Bates is courting, although the family is keeping quiet about it thus far.

Who is Trace Bates?

Trace Bates celebrated his 22nd birthday back in February 2019. The eighth child of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates seems to be following in his brother’s footsteps now that’s he’s officially a graduate of Crown College. In December, the Bates family posted a picture of Trace with his eldest brother, Zach, outfitted in a police uniform.

It seems that Trace has stepped into a law enforcement role with the Sherriff’s department. According to the family’s blog, Trace will be working as a deputy from here on out, right alongside Zach. The Bates boys are incredibly close, so it would make sense that several of them would find the same career path.

With a job all lined up, Trace is ready to move onto the next phase of his life and finding a woman to do it with is the next natural step. Fans are pretty sure he’s found that special someone, but they’ve been trying to keep it quiet.

Who do fans think he’s courting?

Fans have been convinced that Trace is courting a girl by the name of Chaney. Little is known about the woman but checking out her Instagram page does offer a little bit of insight into the lady who could become a Bates.

Chaney appears to have a ton of different interests. She seems entrenched in Jeep culture, and apparently greatly enjoys baseball and snowboarding. She also seems to have a penchant for photography, travel, and music. Chaney also appears to come from a large family with several siblings, although not nearly as large as the supersized Bates family.

Why are fans so adamant that the young Bates boy is ready to walk down the aisle?

The woman believed to be Chaney started showing up in Bates’ photos in May, according to TV Shows Ace. She was first spotted with the Bates family at Disney, and she was standing awfully close to Trace. A few days ago, she shared a photo of her and Trace standing together on top of a mountain. The pair are the only people in the picture, and they have their arms wrapped around each other’s waists.

Yesterday, Trace shared a photo of himself and Chaney at a family wedding. The young Bates captioned the Instagram post “Sundays are brighter with you in them.” Trace’s post is enough to pretty much confirm that the pair are courting, but there is more evidence.

Chaney is officially following several of the Bates family members. She’s friends with Alyssa Webster, Lawson Bates, and Erin Paine. Chaney is also being followed by Jill Dillard, so clearly something is going on between Chaney and the Bates crew.

Fans will need to wait on word of an official courtship, but considering Trace’s recent post, it should be happening any minute. A marriage proposal is probably not too far off, either.