Is Apple TV+ Banking Solely on ‘The Morning Show’ for Subscribers?

When it comes to Apple tv+ — which is set to launch on November 1 — one show seems to be on everyone’s radar: The Morning Show. The upcoming series, starring Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon, Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner Steve Carell, and Golden Globe and Emmy-winner Jennifer Aniston, must boast one impressive advertising budget. According to The Observer, Apple tv has dropped $300 million on The Morning Show for two seasons. 

Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, and Jennifer Aniston The Morning Show Apple TV+
Actors Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston speak during an event launching Apple tv+ at Apple headquarters on March 25, 2019, in Cupertino, California. | NOAH BERGER/AFP/Getty Images

The Morning Show will be an inside look — all too relevant amidst the Matt Lauer allegations — at the lives of those who help America wake up in the morning. The challenges, the turmoil, the conflicts, and the relationships that come to define those on morning TV will serve as the crux. 

‘The Morning Show’: the cast, the creatives, and the scheme 

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston have been talking up the show for quite some time now and, clever to a fault, Apple tv+ has relied on their on-screen reunion — the first time since Friends — as part of its marketing scheme. Together again, at last. Thus, the show may drag some Friends enthusiasts along for the ride, who may not utterly dig the show’s concept.

Though the show boasts an impressive ensemble, Apple tv+ is not solely relying on star power for success. Kerry Ehrin and Brian Stelter will serve as the show’s prominent writers; the former worked on Bates Motel and Inspector Gadget, while the latter is known for Top of the Morning and Page One: Inside the New York Times.

It’s no surprise that Apple tv+ seems to be placing a lot of attention on this series, as the streaming platform likely hopes for it to become what Game of Thrones was to HBO. The cast, the relevance, the creatives behind the project, the emotional side story between Aniston and Witherspoon: you’ve got all the ingredients for impressive viewership. However, there are a few other shows coming to Apple tv+ (most with less star-power) that you should still look out for come launch:


Starring Hailee Steinfeld ( The Edge of Seventeen, True Grit, Bumblebee) as the famously reclusive poet Emily Dickinson, the show will fall into the quirky comedy space. The writers will likely take a great deal of creative liberty when it comes to historical accuracy. However, it should be a fun and educational ride!

‘Oprah’s Book Club’

Do you love watching Oprah Winfrey on television, discussing the must-read book of the times? Oprah’s Book Club will feature Oprah Winfrey interviewing the authors of selected books in various places. The episodes will be available bi-monthly. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a while between episodes, but if Oprah isn’t worth the wait, who is? 


Can you imagine a world in which everyone is blind? See will take place in the future — in a time when everyone is born blind. The catch: suddenly, babies who can see come to be. The series will star Game of Thrones actor Jason Mamoa, and Steven Knight (the creative force behind Peaky Blinders) will write the script. 

Honorable Mentions 


For All Mankind