Is Ariana Grande’s New Single, ‘Imagine,’ A Kanye Diss?

Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande is the hottest young star of the music world, and her latest album Sweetener is earning rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Grande’s fourth studio album features lots of exciting collaborations with fellow artists, and some red-hot tracks that are getting serious airplay, including singles like God Is a Woman and Breathin.

But it’s Grande’s newest song from her yet-unreleased fifth album, Imagine, that has been in the news this week – between some heated tweets by Kanye West and the ambiguous lyrics, many fans are wondering just what the song is about.

What is the song ‘Imagine’ about?

On December 14th, just after midnight, Grande released the single Imagine. Grande claimed that her upcoming fifth album explores failed, yet important relationships in her life and that this song, specifically, alludes to the idea of denial. Many fans are speculating that the song’s lyrics describe Grande’s relationship with her ex, the late rapper Mac Miller. Miller sported a tattoo that said “imagine” on his arm, and some of the words in the song even mimic certain song lyrics of Millers.

The 25-year old singer has certainly suffered her share of emotional trauma within the past year, including the shocking news of Miller’s death and a quickie, failed engagement to SNL comic Pete Davidson. But Grande is staying mum on the song’s connection to Miller for now. Upon fans asking for more specifics regarding the song’s meaning, Grande simply commented on her Instagram that she looks forward to hearing what everyone’s unique interpretation of the song Imagine might be.

Why is Kanye West feuding with Ariana Grande?

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Ariana Grande might be the one person in Hollywood that Kanye West hasn’t yet picked a fight with – but on December 13th, only hours before Grande dropped her song Imagine, West broke that streak. West had been fighting on social media with the singer Drake for several days, with the two men going at each other over everything from Travis Scott to supposed “diss tracks” on various songs.

In the middle of their Twitter battle, Grande tweeted that “there might be grown men arguing online right now, but Miley (Cyrus) and I are dropping our beautiful, new songs tonight so if you could just behave for a few hours so the girls can shine that’d be so sick thank u.” Quick social media users read the tweet as Grande tossing shade at West and Drake, and West responded in short order.

Right away, West tweeted back at Grande, accusing her of using his mental health struggles to promote her song. Grande, in turn, tweeted Kanye, apologizing if he read her tweets the wrong way, but that she doesn’t need to use anyone to promote her songs. She has since deleted that particular post. The hard feelings between West and Grande seemed to fizzle after that, with West going off on a new series of tweets regarding his feelings on mental health.

Ariana Grande’s difficult year

With the very first song from the brand-new album already causing such a stir, one can only imagine what the rest of the album will sound like. In the speech she gave at the Billboard Women in Music event, she called 2018 the most difficult year of her life and stated her latest album would help give fans a glimpse into the relationships that have shaped her life over the past year. While she has not announced a release date for the fifth album, she has given fans some details on her social media, including the fact that unlike with past albums, this one will not feature any collaborations. Will she work with Kanye West in the future, perhaps? Only time will tell.