Is Audrey Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’ Friends With the Duggar Family?

Fans of TLC are likely familiar with both the Roloffs and the Duggar, as both families have graced our televisions for over a decade. Matt and Amy Roloff chronicled their lives with their four kids on Little People, Big World, and the Duggars attained fame when parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar introduced their gigantic family on 17 Kids and Counting. A ton has happened over the years for both families, but there remains one universal truth: We still can’t get enough of what they’re doing today.

Now, Jeremy Roloff is married to Audrey, and the two have since left the show to pursue their own hopes and dreams. Eagle-eyed fans recently saw Jinger Duggar mentioning Audrey in a sly way on Instagram, leading many to believe Audrey was friendlier with the family than we thought.

Audrey Roloff and the Duggar family have very similar values

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are known for having a covenant marriage and ultra-religious values, so it makes sense that they would be friendly with their TLC co-stars, the Duggars. Those who follow Jeremy and Audrey know that they have a blog titled Beating 50 Percent, which is all about putting Christ first in a relationship. They want to help other couples achieve a happy marriage and maintain their connection with God through it all so it doesn’t end in divorce. As it says on their website, Audrey and Jeremy aim “To inspire covenant marriages to beat average, to encourage husbands and wives to give more than 50% to their spouse, and to revive marriages that are indispensable – marked by fixing instead of throwing away.”

Those who are familiar with the Duggars also know how this family puts religion first as well. Everything the Duggars do is in the name of God, and they believe keeping themselves modestly dressed and saving all physical contact for marriage is what’s right in God’s eyes. Not only that, but they don’t believe in birth control, which also led to Michelle’s 19 children.

Jinger Duggar just referenced Audrey on social media

Fans’ first clue that Audrey was friends with the Duggars recently occurred on social media. On February 15, Jinger posted a sweet photo of her and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, on their wedding day to Instagram. Her caption for the photo was equally sweet, too. “I will never forget those days on a missions trip in El Salvador when I realized I was falling in love with @jeremy_vuolo . He is everything I asked God for in a husband—he loves Christ supremely, is loving, compassionate, caring, humble and sincere,” she wrote. “Every day with you is sweeter than the day before—I love you, baby!”

Below the adorable photo and writing was a hashtag that looked very familiar to the Roloff family. Jinger added the “beating50percent” hashtag on to her post, which is the hashtag that began with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff when they created their successful marriage blog. Not only that, but it looks like Jinger took part in the Beating 50 Percent three-sentence love story challenge as outlined on Instagram. “Want to win an advance reader copy of our book that doesn’t come out until April 2nd – A Love Letter Life!!!💌 To enter, post a photo of you and your love today (on your own account) and share your love story in 3 sentences!” Jeremy and Audrey wrote.

Tori Roloff has also had friendly interactions with the Duggars online

It looks like Audrey Roloff isn’t the only one in the LPBW family to have interactions with a Duggar. In Touch Weekly notes in the beginning of 2019, Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff’s wife, reached out to Jessa Duggar online to congratulate her on her third pregnancy. Not only that, but she also commented on an Instagram post from Jinger when the Duggar shared a photo of her baby daughter, Felicity. “Congratulations, girl. Such a gift from God. I can tell you’re such a good mama! She’s perfect,” Tori commented on the post.

Will we see more Roloff and Duggar interactions in the future? Considering how well the two families seem to get along, we’re betting so. And while we can’t say for sure if Audrey and Jinger are friends in real life, it seems like they’re definitely friendly.

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