Is Audrey Roloff Insecure? Here’s Why She Told Jeremy Roloff to Stop Hanging Out With a Female Friend

We’ve been following the Roloff family for years, and while Little People, Big World is back with a new season of fresh content, a few fan favorites are no longer on the show. Jeremy Roloff’s of average height, but he quickly attained fame for having a twin who has a form of dwarfism. And while Zach’s still on the show, Jeremy chose to go his own way with his wife, Audrey Roloff. Now, the two are actively pursuing their own dreams, and they just published a book about their marriage titled A Love Letter Life.

There were a few shocking revelations made in the book, and one of them was about a female friend who Jeremy stopped hanging out with because of his relationship with Audrey. Is Audrey ultra insecure at heart? Here’s what we know.

Jeremy got close with another woman while he and Audrey were broken up

A Love Letter Life gives fans of Jeremy and Audrey an in-depth look into how they first met, how they made their relationship work even with long distance, and how they maintain a healthy marriage now. And the happy couple give plenty of personal details about their lives, too. Good Housekeeping notes one of the most surprising revelations they added was regarding Kate, a woman who Jeremy became close with during a period of time when he and Audrey were broken up.

The publication notes Jeremy explained in the book that though he and Kate were just platonic friends, they did have a “unique friendship.” And things got even more complicated when he and Audrey got back together. Audrey allegedly asked Jeremy to stop hanging out with Kate alone, as their friendship was starting to become a hinderance in Jeremy and Audrey’s romantic life. And eventually, Jeremy completely stopped being close with Kate. As he wrote, “I promised Audrey that the wedding would mark the end of my friendship with Kate. It had come to that point. It wasn’t a friendship I could healthily maintain. I had been wrong to try.”

Jeremy explained why he cut the relationship with Kate off

Jeremy mentions in A Love Letter Life that his friends saw his relationship with Kate as sibling-like rather than romantic. But even so, he knew Audrey was hurt by how close he was with another woman — and he desired “oneness” with Audrey more than he wanted a friendship with Kate. “If oneness is your goal, which is should be, then it should start to feel weird, maybe even a little dangerous, to have a very close friend of the opposite sex … such friendships are bound to create conflict with our beloved,” he wrote.

Jeremy and Audrey also address Kate in an interview with In Touch Weekly. “I talked to her a little bit,” Jeremy told the publication regarding Kate. And Audrey laughed, “That’s kind of part of the problem.” Jeremy then went on to explain, “When we did have the conversation, she understood, but it’s really difficult when you’re good friends with someone you gotta loosen the grips on that friendship.”

Audrey also added in that she wanted to tell the story of Kate because of how much they both learned from the experience. “We’re just thankful that we actually got to learn how to work through that before being married,” Audrey said.

Is Audrey insecure? It seems she’s touched on her lack of confidence in the past

Many couples will surely understand why Audrey was uncomfortable with Jeremy and Kate’s close relationship — but others may view Audrey’s discomfort as insecurity. This wouldn’t be the first time Audrey’s gotten real about a lack of confidence, either. We remember this Instagram post from 2017 where she outlines why she wasn’t totally confident on Independence Day. “So here’s a photo of me and Jeremy witth my not so tanned skin, my not so slim belly, and my not so sexy dress,” she wrote.

In regards to having outside relationships, it seems the decision to distance Kate was just as much Jeremy’s decision as it was Audrey’s, though — so perhaps it’s more marriage philosophy than insecurity speaking. During the interview with In Touch Weekly, Jeremy explains that those close relationships with others can result in one becoming closer with a friend than they are with their spouse — and that’s not what he and Audrey want. “Kate, she’s awesome, love her, fantastic, still friends … but those small, incremental, seemingly innocent steps that build close relationships — one day you’ll find yourself building a castle of someone that’s not your spouse,” he said.

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