Is Baby Archie Old Enough to Safely Go To Africa?

Get ready Africa: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on their way for a royal trip to the continent. The young family plans to travel around Southern Africa, visiting and promoting the continuation of humanitarian work started by Princess Diana. But what about Baby Archie? The youngest member of the royal family is only two months old, so is it even safe to bring him along? Here’s what the new parents have planned.

The Sussex family is headed to Africa

Baby Archie
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with Baby Archie | DOMINIC LIPINSKI/AFP/Getty Images

Africa has special meaning for Prince Harry. According to Your Botswana, Prince Harry told Town & Country in 2017: “I have this sense of complete relaxation and normality [here]. To lose myself in the bush… This is where I feel more like myself than anywhere else in the world. I wish I could spend more time here.”

He fell in love with it after his mother died, and he was able to seek refuge there- finding peace and comfort in the part of the world where Princess Diana did so much good. It was also the place where Prince Harry and Markle were able to bond without the public spotlight, and the place they fell in love. There’s no doubt that they’re excited to return. 

It was announced recently that the Duke and Duchess will be traveling to Africa in the fall through an Instagram post, starting in October. They’ll be visiting South Africa, Malawi, Angola, and Botswana, among other places. 

Will Archie join Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Africa?

Baby Archie will be joining his parents on their trip to Africa. Although, he won’t be with them for the entire time. Because of safety concerns, and the fact the Archie is not quite old enough to receive some of the vaccinations required for some parts of Africa, he will only accompany them on the safer parts of the journey. 

The Sussex’s plan to take a tip from Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge traveled to New Zealand and Australia when their son, Prince George, when he was only a baby. In order to accomplish this safely, the couple set up a base. Here, Prince George was able to stay with nannies, and Prince William and Middleton were able to return between traveling to other parts of the continent. It’s expected that Prince Harry and Markle will follow a similar plan. 

Can we expect more pictures of Archie from Africa?

The public is anxious to see more of the newest member of the royal family, but according to an insider who spoke with US magazine, Archie is not traveling for the sake of the public. He’s being brought along so because Prince Harry and Markle do not want to travel so far away without him. More than likely, he will spend most of his time outside the spotlight. Although it’s expected that he will make a couple of public engagements. 

The source said: “The world can’t wait to get a look at the young royal- but they’ll need to manage expectations. The public won’t be treated to [constant] sightings. Archie’s going with his parents because they don’t want to leave him behind in the U.K. not because they want to show him off at every stop.”

Because of his age, Archie probably won’t remember much of this trip as he grows older. But considering that Africa has such meaning to his parents, he’ll likely go back many times throughout his childhood. Maybe as an adult, Archie will cherish the continent as much as his parents and grandmother did- and likely continue the tradition of humanitarian work started by Diana