Is Ben Affleck Married?

The relationships Ben Affleck has had during his time as a superstar actor are truly astounding, though not necessarily unusual for someone of his stature. Many of the women he’s dated (and married once) are all considered A-list stars to this day. Even so, we might have to look at more than one of his former relationships as a marriage.

Only one of those romances became an official marriage on paper. She still plays an occasional role in helping Affleck overcome his demons.

Let’s look back to these past relationships, including one you’ve maybe forgotten about. Will Affleck marry the TV producer woman he’s involved with now?

Affleck’s first relationship before Hollywood stardom

One of the longest relationships he’s ever had in dating was with a girl named Cheyenne Rothman. They met in high school and ended up in a relationship lasting from 1990 to 1997.

Perhaps they might have married had it not been for Affleck winning an Oscar with Matt Damon for writing and starring in Good Will Hunting. Many relationships are often changed anyway once someone wins an Academy Award.

When Gwyneth Paltrow is the reason for the breakup, you know you’re hanging out in completely different circles from the average. When Affleck and Paltrow met after the Oscar juggernaut, Affleck’s relationships with women would never be the same.

This isn’t to say we don’t promote the idea of A-list stars being more involved with non-famous people.

How long did Affleck and Paltrow stay together?

You have to wonder how Affleck broke up with Rothman with the news he was dating Paltrow. However this went down, he and Paltrow had a good relationship. Some might have assumed they were going to marry considering they were together longer than people remember.

It even led to them working together in two films: Shakespeare in Love and Bounce. In-between those two films, they did break up briefly with a reconciliation just before breaking up for good in 2000.

You can still find pictures on social media of Affleck and Paltrow’s affair to show how close they really were. They’ve since stayed friends, including both going through failed marriages to high-profile people.

Dating Jennifer Lopez

A couple years went by before Affleck found another girlfriend. By 2002, he was involved with JLo, another relationship everyone was sure would end up in a marriage.

We’re used to hearing the portmanteaus of famous names in relationships. Most of us became tired of hearing “Bennifer” all the time, but it kicked off a long string of similar name combos.

Together for two years, you may remember Affleck backing out of the marriage to Lopez after a long engagement. The reason cited was too much media attention. Perhaps fate was right in this case, because the pressures of showbiz on each side might have led to a short marriage.

The decade long marriage to Jennifer Garner

Affleck didn’t wait to get involved with Garner only a short time after ending his relationship with JLo. The alternate “Bennifer” marriage began in 2005 and lasted a decade with three kids, despite a lot of bumps in the road in the latter years.

To show you how close their union was/is, you still saw Garner intervene when Affleck had a relapse with alcoholism last summer. Because she deemed it a crisis (and it was), she might have saved her former husband’s life giving him a ride back to rehab.

It turns out Garner was probably the best friend Affleck ever, despite failed matrimony. He’s since turned himself around thanks to her intervention.

Moving on with Lindsay Shookus

Not long after Affleck and Garner split in 2015, former hooked up with Lindsay Shookus, one of the top producers of Saturday Night Live. Things looked questionable in their relationship recently while Affleck was in rehab. Since then, though, we’re seeing media reports of them back together.

Whether they’ll marry is still up in the air. Even if they don’t, the good news is Affleck has kept mostly good relations with his exes and can hopefully turn to all of them about any life matter in confidence.