Is Beyonce a Fan of Lizzo?

Lizzo has often been compared to Beyonce, and it’s no surprise why. They both have contagious personalities and addicting music. Lizzo has even been referred to as “the next Beyonce.” But how does Beyonce feel about being compared to a newer artist? Has she ever heard of Lizzo and does she like her music? Is Beyonce a fan of Lizzo? The answer might surprise you. 

Beyonce celebrated her birthday at Lizzo’s concert

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – SEPTEMBER 01: Lizzo performs onstage during Made In America – Day 2 at Benjamin Franklin Parkway on September 01, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

Recently, Jay-Z funded the Made In America Music Festival in Philadelphia and Lizzo was a part of the lineup. Unsurprisingly, Jay-Z, along with his wife, Beyonce, attended the festival. But surprisingly, Beyonce chose to celebrate her birthday backstage at Lizzo’s performance, showing that she must be a fan. 

Lizzo was clearly excited about seeing Beyonce there. She posted a photo on Instagram to share the news. “Swipe to lose your f**king mind,” Lizzo captioned the post.

Lizzo was clearly excited to see the Queen Bee there. Reports also surfaced that Beyonce danced during Lizzo’s set, showing that she was very into the music. 

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Swipe to lose your fucking mind

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Lizzo’s DJ, Sophia Eris, got in on the excitement by also posting to social media. She tweeted a video of the Carters enjoying the show with the caption: “Welp our dreams came true today.”

Jay-Z helped to make the event special for Beyonce by providing a cake backstage. Everyone gathered around and sang her happy birthday. 

While Jay-Z did fund the concert, so it makes sense that he’d be there, the fact that Beyonce chose to spend her birthday with Lizzo is a big deal. Fans of both women were excited to see them supporting each other. 

Lizzo doesn’t want to be the next Beyonce

Lizzo has been enjoying a huge rise in popularity lately. Some have even called her “the next Beyonce,” but Lizzo doesn’t like that name. While she is honored by the compliment and doesn’t mind being compared to Beyonce, she takes issue with being called “the next” anything. In an interview with Entertainment City, Lizzo spoke about her objections. 

“I reject those statements because my whole entire career is about individuality and it is about me, like, being me,” she said. “So, how can I be me if I’m the next Beyoncé? I’ve worked so hard to be Lizzo. It’s almost unfair to take Lizzo away from me and put someone else’s name on me.”

Later, while promoting her interview on Twitter, Lizzo again clarified what she meant. “Spoiler alert: it’s because Beyonce is already Beyonce. There will never be a next Beyonce. And I’ve worked too hard to be Lizzo to just become somebody else,” she tweeted.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s not a fan of Beyonce. Lizzo was crazy excited when Beyonce attended her show. They have similar styles of music and Lizzo felt extremely flattered to be called the next Beyonce — she just wished they’d use a different term for the compliment. 

Is Beyonce a fan of Lizzo?

We can’t help but think that Beyonce wouldn’t have spent her birthday at a Lizzo show if she wasn’t a huge fan of the artist. The two women have similar styles, so it makes sense that Beyonce would like Lizzo. They also have outgoing, sassy personalities, which Beyonce probably respects in Lizzo.

Lizzo has worked hard to promote body-positivity, something that Beyonce also tries to encourage. Honestly, we would be surprised if Beyonce wasn’t a fan of Lizzo. There just seems to be so much evidence that she is. 

But the biggest clue of all was the fact that Beyonce was smiling and dancing at Lizzo’s show. That’s probably the best compliment anyone can give a musical artist.