Is Beyonce Crossing a Line By Calling Daughter Blue Ivy a ‘Cultural Icon’?

Beyonce is one of the biggest stars in the world, with dozens of hit songs and popular movies to her name.

The superstar has become a symbol for women’s empowerment, and while she keeps her personal life well out of the spotlight, many fans have enjoyed following along with her journey to becoming a wife and mother.

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z’s oldest child, Blue Ivy Carter, has recently started stepping into the limelight, joining her mother for several high-profile projects, and Beyonce seems intent on making sure that her daughter doesn’t miss out on any opportunities.

Read on to learn about how Beyonce is making moves for her daughter’s future, and whether or not she is justified in doing so.

How many children does Beyonce have?

Beyonce at the premiere of The Lion King
Beyonce Knowles-Carter | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

Although Beyonce is a famously private person, she has opened up on occasion. The singer revealed that shortly after marrying Jay-Z in 2008, the two got pregnant but that she suffered a miscarriage. Both she and Jay-Z have talked about how painful the experience was. Surely that made Beyonce’s 2011 pregnancy reveal that much more special. Fans everywhere were overjoyed for the couple when the expectant mother stepped out 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, revealing her baby bump.

Their eldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, was born in January 2012. While Beyonce and Jay-Z kept Blue Ivy away from the cameras for the first few years of her life, they did release a few photos of their daughter, revealing that she looks a great deal like Beyonce.

In February 2017, Beyonce announced that she was pregnant again, and later that same year, the couple welcomed twins. They named the adorable babies Rumi and Sir Carter. Rumi’s name is taken directly from one of Beyonce’s favorite poets, while Jay-Z explained that Sir’s name is because the baby carries himself “like a man.”

What kind of parent is Beyonce?

Reportedly, the singer is thrilled with her family and spends a lot of time with the children. Sources say that she is a very involved, hands-on mom and likes to make sure that the children’s days are scheduled appropriately, choosing only the best schools for her brood of three.

Still, the singer wants to make sure that her children have plenty of time to enjoy just being kids, and that is probably one reason why she keeps the children away from social media for the most part. 

Beyonce thinks Blue Ivy is a ‘cultural icon’

Although Beyonce is a pretty normal parent in most aspects, she took things a little over the top when she sued a wedding planner who owns a business called Blue Ivy.

Beyonce’s legal case against Morales has been going on for several years and claims that her seven-year-old daughter is a cultural icon and should own the trademark to the name. Morales argues that renaming her business would end up hurting her bottom line. 

It certainly seems as though Beyonce is positioning her daughter to have a career in entertainment, as she recently featured the child in a music video that she did for 2019’s The Lion King movie. Whether or not Blue Ivy continues to pursue this course when she becomes old enough to fully decide for herself remains to be seen — although the little girl looks to be enjoying the attention in the meantime. Still, calling her a cultural icon is probably a stretch for any seven-year-old. 

Currently, Beyonce’s case against Morales is set to go to trial. While no one yet knows what the outcome will be, it probably wouldn’t hurt Beyonce, or Blue Ivy’s brand to allow the wedding planner to keep her business’s name and for everyone to go their merry way.