Will Bill Hader’s ‘Barry’ Return for Season 3? HBO Already Made the Call

When deciding whether Barry deserved a third season, HBO executives barely needed “a hard 10” or even “a loose 15.” After just two episodes of Season Two aired, Bill Hader’s dark comedy got the green light for another installment.

That means — barring any hits in the coming episodes — we’ll have more hamming from Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler), more absurd Noho Hank (Anthony Carrigan), and more self-absorbed Sally Reed (Sarah Goldberg) to kick around.

So far, it’s been a winning formula for the network. In addition to the strong ratings, both Winkler and Hader (in the title role) received Emmys for their performances.

As Veep and Game of Thrones depart the network late in the spring, Barry is a hit that will continue for the network into at least 2020.

Barry’s Season 2 trouble with the law — and the Burmese mafia

Barry is still looking to move his acting career forward. | Isabella Vosmikova/HBO

Being an assassin comedy, no one can say where the rest of this season will take Barry. Even as investigators close in on him with Fuches (Stephen Root) cooperating, the cops have yet to produce the body of Detective Moss. Without a corpse, there’s no murder rap.

There also wouldn’t be a need for Cousineau to be so distraught. He could get back to guiding his subpar students through the rest of their prepaid class with his love back. That would be good for Barry on several levels.

But he has to stay a few steps ahead of the law. With Fuches flipped, he might have to choose between offing his mentor and facing several murder indictments.

Meanwhile, after not going through with Esther’s murder, he’ll also have Burmese gangsters out to kill him. And it complicates Barry’s relationship with Noho Hank, who considered Esther’s death a must. Every day she lives is a day when Hank’s threat to shoot up the acting class also exists.

Long live Gene Cousineau and Noho Hank

Hank learns that running the show has downsides in Season 2. | Isabella Vosmikova/HBO

When you’re dealing with a show about a hitman, it’s hard to plan ahead for more than a few episodes. Late in Season One, we watched Noho Hank do the unthinkable and give up his entire crew rather than have Barry killed by Chechen assassins. (It ended poorly for them.)

In Season Two, we’ve found Hank exasperated with Barry after he refused to return the favor and bump off Esther. For a rare moment, we saw his typically upbeat character sour on Barry. (When Hank gives orders, we’d be inclined to listen.)

All this is to say no one should bet Hank lives into Season Three — there’s just no guarantee that will happen. However, considering what a fan favorite he’s become, we’d love for Hader and his team to find a way for the self-described “gearhead” millennial gangster to survive.

As for Gene Cousineau, the show doesn’t make sense without Barry continuing to pursue his acting dream (not to mention his plans for a life with Sally). May his blockbuster-size ego and lame movie references carry on through Season Three.

And may Barry come back for a fourth season (or more). Hader has already said he’d be open to it, and we can’t see HBO saying no to a show this good.

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