Is ‘Black Lightning’ Going to Be Leaving Netflix?

Many DC fans are likely wondering if Black Lightning is going to be leaving Netflix. We’ll get into why, but for now all that you need to know is that it’s a concern for fans. Having a show on Netflix is great because it allows you to stream it any time.

Such a thing is almost too good to be true, yet it’s the reality with many streaming services, including Netflix. Being able to binge watch your favorite shows is great, and is a nice way to pass the time. So, is Black Lightning going to be another show the streaming service will lose? You’re about to find out.

Is ‘Black Lightning’ leaving Netflix?

Cress Williams and Christine Adams of Black Lightning
Cress Williams and Christine Adams of Black Lightning | Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Black Lightning fans can breathe a sigh of relief. According to The Verge and What’s on Netflix, it is only newer CW shows that will not be appearing on the platform, maybe. The Verge reveals that even some newer shows from The CW might end up appearing on Netflix after all. It depends on how things work out with the two companies that own the CW, Warner Bros and CBS, and Netflix.

Netflix will have a lot of competition for the newer CW shows, however, which we will get into later. For now, the important thing is that Black Lightning will not be leaving the streaming service. So DC fans should be glad about that, as they can still stream the show whenever they want to on Netflix.

Why did fans think ‘Black Lightning’ would be leaving Netflix?

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So, why were fans worried in the first place? They definitely had a good reason. The streaming wars have officially started. Now there’s not only Netflix, there’s also Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other upcoming streaming services like Disney + and WarnerMedia’s still unnamed streaming service.

Many fans were therefore worried that the DC show would leave for WarnerMedia’s streaming service or CBS All Access. However, according to the Verge, shows that premiered in the 2018-2019 season are going to remain on Netflix. So Black Lightning is likely safe. Though Netflix will have stiff competition for newer CW shows because it will have to fight with WarnerMedia and CBS All Access for access to newer CW shows.

The good news about ‘Black Lightning’

So it’s good news for everyone. Black Lightning is not leaving Netflix. Hopefully the show will receive a boost from Netflix, like other CW shows, such as Riverdale, have.

Even if it doesn’t, the existing fanbase can stream the show whenever they want to and that’s definitely a win. Here’s hoping that the best happens and all the fans are happy in the end. Black Lightning will continue to thrill audiences wherever it is.

Don’t fear, Black Lightning fans, you will be able to binge watch the show on Netflix as often as you want. They’ll be plenty of binge watching until everyone gets caught up on the show. Fans, new and old alike, will love Black Lightning.