Is BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Also an Actress?

If you fancy yourself a K-Pop connoisseur and you haven’t heard of BLACKPINK, then we’re here to give you a slight education. The iconic female-group was formed back in 2015 by YG Entertainment though they officially made their debut in 2016 with their debut album, Square One

Since then, BLACKPINK, which consists of Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé and Jisoo, has taken the world by storm with their legendary vocals, fashions, and dance moves. Though she’s the only non-English speaker in the group — Jisoo has been widely embraced by her English-speaking fans. In fact, during a February 2019 interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert –fans noticed she didn’t speak much. However, one BLINK quickly came to Jisoo’s defense tweeting,

Jisoo understands english but isn’t confident yet to speak. it’s okay. the girl is a perfectionist. time will come. everyone who dragged her down isn’t welcome. bye.

As the led vocalist in the group as well as a fashionista, Jisoo is always taking time out of her hectic schedule to connect with her fans and embrace her other passions. In fact, during London Fashion Week, Jisoo attended Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2020 runway show. BLACKPINK fans were so ecstatic that they assumed Jisoo would also be walking in the show. But fashion isn’t the only thing that Jisoo is known for.

Jisoo is extremely athletic

In addition to being an epic singer, fashionista and the queen of Instagram. Jisoo is also very athletic. She adores playing basketball and is also extremely good at in-line skating (seriously we could never). Jisoo often showcases her mega talents on her IG page and with nearly 19 million followers, she is one of the most followed K-Pop stars on Instagram.

While you’ll catch Jisoo slaying most of her athletic endeavors, she hilariously struggles when it comes to bike riding.

Jisoo has an extremely warm and bubbly personality

Like her BLACKPINK sister Rosé, Jisoo is super bubbly, warm and goofy, According to her –it’s because she is the youngest in her family. She told HIGH CUT Magazine in June 2018,

I’m the youngest at home, so I grew up in an environment where I couldn’t help but be a jokester. I like watching gag programs and copying them too. I also like playing a lot of cute tricks.

Is BLACKPINK’s Jisoo an actress?

In addition to being a talented vocalist and dancer, Jisoo is also a very talented actress. She’s appeared in a ton of commercials for brands like Nikon and Samsonite. Also, she’s had roles in several Korean TV Shows.

In June 2019, Jisoo appeared in an episode of the Netflix K-drama Arthdal Chronicles. 2PM’s Nickhyun also appeared in the very same episode of the show. We’re pretty sure that with all of this success with BLACKPINK, her love for fashion and her ever-expanding portfolio — we’re only going to see more and more of Jisoo. As Jisoo becomes increasingly more confident with her English — it wouldn’t be a stretch to think she might appear in some U.S. based shows as well.

Now we’re just waiting on that rumored BLACKPINK x Ariana Grande collaboration that everyone keeps talking about.