Is Blake Shelton Still ‘The Voice’s’ Best? Kelly Clarkson Fans Speak Out

Blake Shelton has long been considered the best coach on The Voice, closely followed by his dedicated, talented, and impressive adversary Adam Levine. While Shelton has coached six champions throughout the show, Adam Levine has only coached three winners to the end. However, both remain solid judges concerning their contestants’ vocal abilities and performance quirks, making them equally insightful mentors.

Kelly Clarkson
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While Kelly Clarkson has not been on the show for very long, the country-pop artist coached a champion in her inaugural season. So, in a similar fashion to Adam Levine, this star made quite the first impression, leading many to wonder if she would become The Voice’s new best coach.

Will Clarkson continue to coach the most successful contestants (as she’s done her first two seasons)? Will she remain a dedicated coach and life-long mentor after her proteges’ success on the show?

Let’s dive into why many fans feel Clarkson is shouting, “Move over Blake Shelton! A new boss is in town, and she’s here to give you a run for your money.”

Kelly Clarkson coached a champion in her very first season on ‘The Voice,’ and then again in her second!

While Adam Levine coached the first-ever winner on The Voice, leading many to believe that he would reign triumphant in the following seasons, Shelton went on to prove this assumption widely incorrect. However, Kelly Clarkson’s situation is a bit different and definitely stands for a bit more.

Both Adam and Blake were on an even playing field when Adam coached the champion in season one; meaning, neither of them had ever been on the show before, and neither, up to that point, had great practice coaching amateur singers into professional performers. So, this mostly implies that Adam came out sprinting in season one; however, Blake Shelton, at a steady pace, learned and grew to defeat Levine in the majority of the following seasons.

On the other hand, Kelly Clarkson won her first season up against the most practiced coaches on The Voice! Clarkson’s success is by no means equivalent to Levine’s win, for she managed to out-coach the pros as an utter newbie. Thus, she’s bringing some innate coaching chops to the table, as she recently coached Season 15’s winner to the very end as well (Chevel Shepherd).

Who knows what Clarkson will be capable of with a bit more practice under her belt. Given her two consecutive wins, it seems that Clarkson’s first win was by no means beginner’s luck. And don’t forget, Clarkson went from a shared advisor on the series to a triumphant coach, so she’s doing something right.

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Kelly Clarkson is a compassionate and supportive mentor (who understands her team)

Kelly Clarkson knows full-well what it’s like to be on a singing competition show, which is likely the reason she’s excelling. She can connect with her team in a way the other coaches cannot. Bringing her on the show was a very wise move on behalf of the casting directors’ for this very reason.

According to The Cheat Sheet, Kelly Clarkson is currently helping her season fourteen champion find the best writers for her debut album and plans to be her season fifteen champion’s “big sis for life.”

If Kelly Clarkson keeps her word, she will definitely rival Shelton and Adam in this area. And given the singer’s previous experience on talent competition shows, viewers have no reason to believe that she won’t provide never-ending support to those who have followed a similar path to her own.