Is ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Heading to the Big Screen?

source: HBO

Source: HBO

Boardwalk Empire might be getting a second life on the big screen. Though the HBO drama’s five-season run came to an end only recently, Mark Wahlberg — who served as a producer for the series — is reportedly already looking to continue the story with a movie adaptation.

The actor brought up the possibility of a Boardwalk Empire film, during a recent interview with “My next goal now is to get the movie made,” he said, also revealing that he hopes to transition the critically acclaimed series to the big screen similarly to the way Entourage recently did with its upcoming movie. Wahlberg also served as a producer on the popular HBO comedy as well, before it wrapped up in 2011.

Wahlberg also apparently already has a prolific director in mind: Martin Scorsese. As Boardwalk Empire fans know, Scorsese directed the pilot episode of the series, back when the show first made its debut in 2010. His effort won him an Emmy for Best Direction in a Drama Series. Though that episode was his only directorial contribution to the show, the famed filmmaker was reportedly involved in helping to establish the feel of the show alongside creator Terence Winter and also stayed on as one of the executive producers throughout its time on the air.

The premise of a Boardwalk Empire film will likely interest many of the show’s viewers, many of whom mourned the end of the series this past fall. But having the legendary Scorsese on board would undoubtedly only further the appeal, both to the show’s sizable fan base and to moviegoers in general.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Scorsese and Winter collaborated on a feature film. Aside from working together on Boardwalk Empire, Winter also penned the script for the former’s 2013 Oscar contender, The Wolf of Wall Street. But while their participation in the possible would clearly be a big draw, there’s still the question of whether a Boardwalk Empire movie is even realistic, given the events of the final season. Warning: major spoilers ahead!

The Prohibition era drama ended with the death of the main character Nucky Thompson (played by actor Steve Buscemi). So how would a movie move forward without its lead? As a solution, Wahlberg suggested going the prequel route. “We can always go back,” he told

As fans know, the series addressed parts of Nucky’s origin story in its final season, with British actor Marc Pickering playing a younger version of the character in several episodes. These installments showcased the character’s rise in social standing in Atlantic City, as well as some of his struggles with prominent gangsters in New York. Presumably, a prequel film would delve deeper into these storylines.

We’ll have to wait to see if the idea ever actually comes to fruition, but it’s safe to say the movie probably wouldn’t have much of a problem finding an audience – especially if Scorsese and Winter are involved. Right now though, the duo doesn’t exactly have a lot of time on their hands. The two are already in the process of working on another series for HBO, a still-untitled rock-and-roll drama that is set to take place in 1970s New York.

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