Is Brad Pitt Dating Alia Shawkat?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie parted ways back in 2016 and have since been working on finalizing their divorce. Now that “Brangelina” — they used to be one of Hollywood’s hottest couples — is long gone, fans and news outlets alike are constantly trying to figure out who Pitt and Jolie could be dating next.

While there has not been a lot of news on Jolie’s end, Pitt has been making headlines for what could be his new relationship. He is currently linked to actress Alia Shawkat, and many people are curious to know whether there is romance in the air or not.

Who is Alia Shawkat?

Alia Shawkat attends the "Search Party" Premiere Party at Metrograph.
Alia Shawkat | Mike Pont/WireImage

Shawkat is an actress who is known for her role in the popular series Arrested Development. She appeared on the show from 2003 to 2018 as Maeby, the daughter of Lindsay and Tobias Fünke. Shawkat received a lot of praise for her work on Arrested Development, and she even won two awards.

Aside from Arrested Development, Shawkat had small roles in other shows as well, such as JAGVeronica MarsDrunk HistoryGetting On, and Adventure Time.

These days, she is starring in the TBS/HBO Max series Search Party.

In addition to these shows, Shawkat has also acted in numerous films, including Deck the Halls (2006), Whip It (2009), The Final Girls (2015), and Duck Butter (2018).

Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat have been seen together a lot

Pitt and Shawkat were spotted together for the first time back in September. They were at the opening for the show A Play is a Poem in Los Angeles and were even seen leaving together. But news outlets did not identify Shawkat yet at this time.

About a month later, Pitt and Shawkat attended the Mike Birbiglia’s play The New One. They both even took a picture with some cast members afterwards.

Then, in November, Pitt and Shawkat went to an art exhibit together as well as attended Kanye West’s “Nebuchadnezzar” opera show.

Is Brad Pitt dating Alia Shawkat?

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The fact that Pitt and Shawkat have been going to the same events is definitely not a coincidence. It seems that the two of them might be close. However, according to multiple sources, they are nothing more than friends.

An insider told People in November that they “are absolutely just friends.”

Someone who also went to West’s “Nebuchadnezzar” show told People that Pitt was there “with a group of people, including Alia.” The source added: “They were all in a VIP box. Brad was friendly with Alia, but it didn’t look romantic at all.”

Another source spoke to E! News and confirmed these comments, saying: “They’ve spent time together and have similar interests, but that’s the extent of it. They are not a couple and there’s nothing romantic going on. Brad has different friends in different walks of life and this is one of them. He enjoys being social with friends.”

Who else has Brad Pitt been linked to?

Shawkat is definitely not the only person Pitt has been linked to since his divorce from Jolie.

Back in August, there were rumors that Pitt was dating his Once Upon a Time In Hollywood co-star Margot Robbie. However, Robbie is currently married to Tom Ackerley and fact-checking site Gossip Cop shut down these reports, saying that “[Pitt’s] relationship with Robbie is friendly and professional.”

These days, rumors of Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are getting a lot of attention as well. Pitt and Aniston used to be a popular Hollywood couple back in the 1990s and early 2000s. As many know, of course, they got divorced and both stars went on to marry different people.

Yet, because Pitt and Aniston are now single and seem to be on friendly terms, many fans want them to give their relationship a second chance. However, there is no clear evidence that they actually will get back together anytime soon.