Will Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Break Up?

Bradley Cooper had an incredible year with his film “A Star is Born,” in which he starred with Lady Gaga. And when the two would perform, both live and during the film, people couldn’t help but wonder if there was any real romance between the actors and not just the characters. Now, it’s been discovered that Cooper might not be entirely happy in his relationship with wife Irina Shayk — and fans are asking questions. Here’s what we know.

Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk
Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have reportedly been having marriage troubles. | Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Fans joked that Cooper and Gaga make the better couple

“A Star is Born” stole the box office with flying colors when it first premiered. But the one thing people couldn’t stop talking about was the obvious chemistry between Gaga and Cooper. The two played love interests in the film, but people were convinced their connection was too strong to only be acting. However, it made the movie that much more convincing, and that chemistry translated to their Oscars performance earlier this year. People said the same thing after the Oscars performance — that there must be something going on between the two.

Both the actor and actress assured there was nothing romantic between them

Despite what fans thought, Gaga and Cooper assured that there was no real chemistry between them. “From a performance perspective, it was so important to both of us that we were connected the entire time,” Gaga told Jimmy Kimmel. But she vehemently denied that there was any romance. And Irina Shayk had said that she was unbothered by the performance and understood that Gaga and Cooper were both artists. Once the performance stopped being discussed, the rumors of any romance did, too.

Cooper and Shayk were never actually married — but they have one daughter together and are struggling in their relationship

Just when people had mostly gotten over their fantasies that Gaga and Cooper might end up together, something new broke: Cooper and Shayk are having relationship problems. According to E! News, the couple has been struggling in their relationship for a while. “They want to stay together for their daughter, but neither of them are very happy,” a source told E! News. The source also said that their long history and their daughter are what is keeping them together right now, and they’re trying to find an arrangement that works best for them to stay married. Right now, it’s unclear if they’ll break up — they will probably exhaust all other options before heading that way. However, if they’re unhappy, it doesn’t make sense to stay together.

Whether the two split or not, sources remain adamant it’s not over Gaga

Although fans will undoubtedly suspect that Gaga has something to do with the couple’s marriage problems, regardless of what happens, the two are not splitting because of the singer. Though Cooper and Gaga are good friends, there is nothing romantic between them, and Cooper and Shayk had reportedly been having these problems since before all of the rumors that spread around the movie. Neither Cooper nor Shayk has commented on the status of their relationship yet, and they’re likely trying to keep things as private as possible while they do their best to work it out.

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