Is Bradley Cooper Married? What We Know About His Relationship with Irina Shayk

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk smiling at each other wearing sunglasses, sitting in the crowd at Wimbledon together
Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk | Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

Bradley Cooper is probably best known for his part on the cult classic The Hangover. While he’s come a long way since 2009, there’s just something about the way Cooper resonates with comedies. Throughout his career, he’s shown that his acting skills excel in other genres as well. From his emotional performance as the mentally unsound Pat Solatano in Silver Linings Playbook to his portrayal of the charismatic leading man in Limitless, Cooper is chock full of undeniable talent.

Recently he made headlines thanks to his riveting performance as Jack in A Star is Born. With the gorgeous Lady Gaga by his side, the two turned up the charm which got fans thinking. What is Cooper’s love life like? 

Bradley Cooper’s former girlfriends

The blue-eyed ladies man has had quite a few romantic flings. Back in 2006, Jennifer Esposito was the love of Cooper’s life. Unfortunately, their marriage went down the drain in four months, possibly because he was a “master manipulator.” He then decided to slow things down for a casual relationship with Isabella Brewster (Jordana Brewster’s sister) in 2009.

Next up was Renée Zellweger who he met on the set of Case 39 the same year. The two split in March 2011 due to conflicting schedules. Cooper then slowed down again with a few casual dates with songstress Jennifer Lopez. Cooper moved on and got serious with Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Zoe Saldana. The two were together for less than a year, splitting in 2012. 

From 2013 to 2015 Cooper took things to the next level withBillionaire Boys Club English actress Suki Waterhouse. The two separated amicably due to different life plans, possibly because of the 17-year age gap. A few months later Cooper discovered the woman he’s still with today despite their age difference, Irina Shayk.

Who is Irina Shayk?

Shayk is a Russian supermodel who is, of course, best known for her extraordinary good looks. Unlike most models, she didn’t get her start until she was 20. When an agent approached her while she was in Paris, she instantly jumped at the opportunity. For her, it was a means to help support her family.

She’s been operating in the fashion industry utilizing her good looks to get ahead. But, that’s not all. Shayk also has a few acting credits. She appeared in Kanye West’s Power, hosted Russia’s version of Next Top Model, and even made an appearance in the film Hercules alongside fan-favorite Dwayne Johnson. While she loves strutting her stuff, the Russian beauty hopes to do more with her acting career. Perhaps her relationship with Cooper will get her more on-screen time.

Shayk and Cooper’s relationship

Both Cooper and Shayk were coming out of relationships when they met back in 2015. They hooked up pretty quickly, and the rest is history! In the beginning, things were casual but rumors of them getting serious spread on the grapevine like wildfire. Hints to the couple’s dedication to each other came when they skipped the 75th Golden Globes to indulge in a romantic holiday.

The two have been pretty secretive about their relationship, but there are two thing fans know. One, they aren’t married. Two, they are head over heels for their daughter, Lea De Seine, who they welcomed to the world in 2017.

Shayk and Cooper love being parents

The birth of their first child really opened their eyes. For Shayk, motherhood is a dream come true. Family has always been significant to the model. Now she’s been blessed with the start of her own! Things have been much more drastic for her beau. Despite riding an intense career high due to the success of his directorial debut, home is where his heart is. Both parents have been spotted with darling Lea on numerous outings. While rumors of their relationship being on the rocks is still spreading, their love for their child, and each other is hard to ignore.

What about Lady Gaga?

You can’t talk about these two without talking about their “fictional” third wheel, Lady Gaga. After the two starred by side-by-side in A Star is Born fans felt their chemistry was undeniable. The two formed an extremely close bond while working together. Both are in committed relationships though, and neither seems to be fueling the rumor fire.