Is Bradley Cooper Nervous About Singing at the Oscars?

As fans were already well aware, Bradley Cooper is one of the most talented actors in the business! He has performed amazingly in many roles, with each of his performances exceeding expectations and creating box office records. However, as fans recently learned, Bradley can do more than just act.

It turns out he is an excellent singer as well, as evidenced in the movie A Star is Born, in which Bradley starred alongside Lady Gaga. Now that the Oscar Awards are approaching, Bradley Cooper is scheduled to perform a song from the movie with his co-star, and he is adorably nervous about the whole thing!

Why is Bradley nervous about singing?

With so much acting experience under his belt, it is only natural to think that Bradley Cooper wouldn’t have any stage fright at all! So, why is the Philadelphia-born actor nervous about his performance, especially since he already made an appearance at Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas show? Well, he just wants to make sure that he can live up to the expectations of all of his fans! Judging from his presence onstage, with both acting and his one (so far) singing performance, it is safe to say that won’t be a problem!

Do Bradley and Lady Gaga have onstage chemistry?

Fans certainly think so! Bradley and Lady Gaga became extremely close while filming their movie, and it shows. They work so well together and seem to have an on-screen chemistry that can’t be beaten. So much so, that they aren’t shy about letting the world know that they are now extremely close friends, and they know that their friendship can – and will – last a lifetime.

How did fans react to their Las Vegas performance?

When Bradley Cooper recently made a surprise appearance alongside Lady Gaga in Las Vegas to sing their duet, “Shallow”, fans went wild. Bradley nailed every aspect of the performance, his sweet voice pairing perfectly with Gaga’s. Their song was an instant hit, one that fans simply cannot get enough of. Looks like Bradley and Lady Gaga surely have some staying power! 

How did the unlikely pair end up starring in a film together?

Bradley Cooper is an actor who has had many wonderful co-stars, and almost no one expected him to ever star in a movie with Lady Gaga! Known for her amazing singing abilities, most people never imagined that she would have such success in the world of acting. However, Bradley had been working on the movie for quite some time. He unexpectedly heard Lady Gaga singing live, and suddenly knew he had found the perfect actress, as well as the perfect voice, for the movie.

Will the pair ever work together again in the future?

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper attends ‘A Star Is Born’ photocall | Photo by Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

While it doesn’t seem as if anything is currently in the works, it would be a welcome treat if Bradley and Lady Gaga were to do another film at some point in the future. The actor and actress seem to have a connection that is unmatched. Fans of the movie will attest to the fact that they put on quite a performance, and almost everyone would love to see more. They seem to be the perfect co-stars, and even though just about no one saw it coming, it would appear as if they created movie history!

Although Bradley Cooper is a bit nervous about his performance at the upcoming Oscars, it can be widely agreed that fans just can’t wait! Although he has never had a singing role before, his voice and musical abilities definitely hit the mark, and we can only hope that we get to hear even more.