Is Camilla Parker Bowles Ready to Be Queen or Does She Need More Time?

Camilla Parker Bowles has been part of the royal family’s story for forty years, in one way or another. Her long relationship with Prince Charles has ensured her a place in history, and although she has not always been beloved by the public, she has settled into her role with grace.

Now that Prince Charles is closer than ever to assume the throne, many royal watchers are beginning to wonder whether or not Parker Bowles is also ready to take on such a heavy responsibility.

Camilla Parker Bowles works hard for charity

Camilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker Bowles | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The beginning of Prince Charles and Parker Bowles’ relationship was less than auspicious. The two first met in the early seventies and dated briefly before Prince Charles’ commitments to his military career caused their romance to trail off. It picked back up in the mid-eighties, once they were both married to other people: Prince Charles to Princess Diana and Parker Bowles to Andrew Parker Bowles.

As everyone now knows, their affair became public knowledge and both Prince Charles and Parker Bowles were vilified by royal watchers everywhere. Still, they moved past the scandal and continued their romance in spite of the odds against them. They ended up getting married in 2005, following years of speculation about whether or not they would ever tie the knot.

Their civil ceremony was small and private but, reportedly, the entire royal family was very happy for them. Since their marriage, Parker Bowles has committed to being the best possible partner for Prince Charles. She works hard and dedicates her time to many different charities, including ones focused on sexual abuse, poverty, and raising awareness for illiteracy. 

Camilla Parker Bowles isn’t the ‘hardest-working’ royal

When Prince Charles eventually assumes the throne, Parker Bowles will be right by his side. Although her title will not officially be “Queen,” when Prince Charles becomes the king, Parker Bowles will become known as “Princess Consort,” according to a recent report. The report, which features interviews with several royal sources, reveals that Parker Bowles is only technically the eighth hardest-working royal among all members of the royal family.

While some royal watchers have speculated that this means she isn’t ready for such a major responsibility, it seems likely that she has picked up so much from her years with Prince Charles that she will be well-prepared for what’s to come. Whether or not the people of Britain are ready to accept her as their queen is quite another story. For years, Parker Bowles has had a contentious relationship with the public, stemming mainly from the years when the affair with Prince Charles pitted her and Princess Diana against each other.

Still, these days, she is in a slightly better place with the public, and it seems as though most people do not have strong feelings against her, even if she will never be the most-liked member of the royal family.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are a team

Parker Bowles has been with the royal family for many years, so she has a solid set of expectations about what will come after Prince Charles takes the throne. After all, they have been married for fifteen years now, and throughout the entire time, Prince Charles has been slowly amping up his own preparations to become king and Parker Bowles is likely doing the same.