Is Captain Marvel Really More Powerful Than Thor? Marvel Director Reveals the Truth

Which superhero has more power is a perpetual question posed by Marvel fans, even though most of the cinematic Avengers were close enough friends to not let it become an argument. This isn’t to say there aren’t some definitive answers to this question. Nevertheless, it’s stayed a bit of a mystery in the MCU until the Russo Brothers stepped in and explained it themselves.

They’ve been active lately in clarifying certain things about the films that fans want to know. They answered numerous questions in a recent Reddit Q&A, plus filmed some extras for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame digital and Blu-Ray releases.

For the HD release, they added a segment explaining who has the most power: Thor or Captain Marvel? The answer is different from what you’ve seen in the comic books.

The Russos have a surprising answer

Brie Larson
Brie Larson | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Cinema Blend recently covered this new Russo Brothers extra and quoted what Joe Russo said about whether Thor is really more powerful than Captain Marvel. Many fans were surprised at his answer: Captain Marvel is more powerful when you place things in the proper context.

After all, she is essentially an alien being that comes from another universe. You can liken her to a superhuman where Thor is a slightly lesser mythological figure from here on earth.

Let’s clarify this statement from Joe Russo, though. In his quote he said, she’s “as powerful (if not more powerful) than Thor.”

It seems as if Russo was struggling to state definitively she’s more powerful than Thor, likely due to what devoted comic books would think. Also, you have to question his use of the word “if” there, even if it’s still deemed a definitive answer in the affirmative.

As you might guess, fan response was highly opinionated. It also further clarified how the MCU is going in its own direction from the comic books.

Backlash from comic book purists

A number of Marvel comic book fans came after the Russos for playing a little too loose with the legacy of Stan Lee. If you’ve read Marvel comics for years, then you know the original male Captain Marvel didn’t have half the powers Thor did.

Others would argue male comic nerds complaining about a woman Captain Marvel being more powerful is just sour grapes for thinking it’s a political agenda.

From our standpoint, we found it a logical outcome so it could create more tension between Thor and Captain Marvel. Those of you who saw the first scenes of Thor and Carol Danvers together know there was some tension at first, but ultimate respect.

Many other fans think there was some serious sexual tension between the characters after Danvers was introduced. Since both characters were instrumental in getting rid of Thanos, a lot of the brouhaha might become pointless.

Are the Russos really doing a disservice to Lee’s legacy, or improving it?

Perhaps retro Marvel fans will start an argument for us saying this, though let’s admit the early days of Marvel comics were more than a little slanted toward males as dominant forces. Since this was the norm in pop culture during the 1960s and for the next couple of decades, we just have to accept history as it was.

Stan Lee did create female superheroes of note, yet none were as powerful as the male figures. Having the Russos fix this for our times is simply an overdue logical trajectory rather than being overly political.

Let’s also remember Thor is the one who beheaded Thanos, proving all the superheroes working in tandem are useful. Power in the larger picture of Marvel is maybe more relative than the Russos imply, hence the “if” in Joe’s Russo’s statement.

Ultimately, it’s in how you use your power in the right ways that makes the difference. Once there’s a sequel to Captain Marvel, we might find out Carol Danvers having powers like Superman is potentially more a liability here on earth than being a supreme being.