Is Cardi B Still Married to Offset?

While some of today’s music superstars have controversial personal lives, few could top the list like Cardi B. As likeable and compelling as she is (and her music), her life has been more than a little chaotic. If she’s not engaged in a Twitter feud with people like Tomi Lahren, she’s having physical altercations with Nicki Minaj.

Cardi B’s marriage is another thing, though far from the only superstar relationship running hot and cold.

After (secretly) marrying rapper Offset in 2017, nobody knew they were hitched until a year later. However, their on again/off again relationship has been in the headlines continually. Are they still officially married, or can they have a normal marriage?

Cardi B and Offset’s child together revealed their marriage

When Cardi B appeared on Saturday Night Live last year, she announced on-air she was pregnant with Offset’s child. She gave birth to their daughter last July and didn’t hesitate to post pics on Instagram.

More recently on Twitter, she’s hidden the face of their daughter (Kulture Kiari Cephus), perhaps wanting to protect her identity from the paparazzi. These videos have Offset trying to persuade Kulture to say “papa”, even though she distinctly says “mama.” Kulture’s first reported words were apparently “papa.”

Well, this is what’s happening now. We have to wonder if trouble in the marriage led to Kulture focusing more on calling for her mom.

Cardi B’s announcement of divorce

We all saw the announcement and social media posts of Cardi B last December announcing she and Offset were going to divorce. The reasons behind it were supposedly complicated and involved everything from a Cardi B sex tape to Offset infidelities.

Cardi’s initial response to the split was they simply “fell out of love.” She posted this to Instagram during the holiday season, yet she deleted it not long after.

What happened in-between this time and where they are now as a couple? Some suggest it was a publicity stunt to create more interest in their albums.

Or, it could have been marriage too fast and too young before fully understanding each other.

Offset begging Cardi B to take him back at her concert

One scenario making the divorce look like a publicity stunt was when Offset crashed one of Cardi B’s live shows in December and begged her to take him back. It was right out of something you’d see in a romantic movie and not a typical real-life scenario.

Many wondered if this was set up to create drama, despite paparazzi photos of them still looking close around the same time frame.

If it was real, then maybe life really does work like a romantic comedy/drama. From all reports, Cardi B rebuffed her husband during this event. Even so, they did spend Christmas together, particularly because Offset was adamant about correcting the mistakes he’d reportedly made in their marriage.

Whatever happened between that time and the 2019 Grammys is anyone’s guess.

Cardi B and Offset appear back together at the Grammy Awards

Cardi B and Offset hanging out together
Cardi B and Offset together | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

Jump forward to February 10 the night of the 2019 Grammy telecast. Lo and behold, Cardi B brought Offset up on stage with her after winning a history-making Grammy for Best Rap Album.

They seem to have worked out their problems, or at least come to a resolution on what their relationship should be. The question is, are they just together for the sake of their daughter, or are they truly back in love? Adding to the confusion is they bought two homes in Georgia during their breakup.

With the volatile lives of both, anything could change at a moment’s notice. Then again, Cardi B has a lot more sense about life than we think if you listen carefully to her Grammy acceptance speech.

Based on all the PDA she and Offset now openly exhibit, we’ll assume they grew up in a year’s time, even if they were maybe truly in love all along.