Is Chris Evans Single and Who Has He Dated?

Chris Evans had a successful acting career long before he became the embodiment of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that was when he really became a household name. The 37-year-old Boston native appeared in films and television series like Not Another Teen Movie, Opposite Sex, The Perfect Score, and Fantastic Four, to just name a few.

But the Captain America actor isn’t just known for his great acting chops: He’s also earned a reputation as the nicest guy in Hollywood. From his charity work at children’s hospitals and rescuing an adorable dog named Dodger to his outspoken advocacy for equality, most people can agree that Evans has rightfully earned that title.

But has any lady been lucky enough to snag the nicest guy in Hollywood? Is Chris Evans single or dating someone? Here’s what we know. 

Is Chris Evans single?

Yes, the Captain America actor is single and it appears that he has been so since last year. Of course, he is also known for being very secretive about his relationships. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that Evans has his eye on a lucky lady but is keeping it quiet.

He has; however, recently spoken out about why he’s single. According to Evans, he really needs a woman who will allow him to do his thing and will do her own thing in the meantime. At the end of the day, Evans is all about family and would eventually like to settle down, get married, and have children. But, thus far, he doesn’t seem to have had much luck finding the person he’d like to do that with.

On a bright note, Evans has stayed friendly with most (if not all) of his ex-girlfriends. Evans stated that if he sees an ex, he gives them a big hug and that it’s “wonderful to catch up.” But who are those ex-girlfriends? While there have been a number of relationship rumors, not all of them have been confirmed as fact. Here are the ones that have been confirmed, however.

Jenny Slate

The last confirmed relationship that Evans was in was with actress and comedian Jenny Slate. The two were in an on-again-off-again relationship for several years after they met in 2016 on the set of Gifted. The first time around Slate and Evans lasted about a year, before breaking up, and then getting back together again for a brief few months. They split for a second time in March of 2018.

While they are ex’s, the two have only the nicest things to say about each other. Slate says that Evans has a golden heart, while he insists that she is still his favorite person. Fans were really rooting for the two, but it just didn’t seem meant to be.

Minka Kelly

Back in 2007, Chris Evans was confirmed to be dating Charlie’s Angels actress, Minka Kelly. The first time around the two only lasted a few months, but just like with Slate, Evans and Kelly took a second go at things in 2012. That relationship was also incredibly brief and although they were spotted hanging out together again in 2015, nothing ever came of the two again.

Jessica Biel

Evans’ longest relationship was with 7th Heaven actress Jessica Biel. The two dated for just about five years, between 2001 and 2006. Biel went on to marry pop star turned actor, Justin Timberlake, so the two did not end up getting back together like Evans did with his later girlfriends. 

Neither Evans nor Biel has ever publicly discussed why the two broke up, but it wasn’t anything dramatic. They have remained on friendly terms throughout the years, and there appears to be no animosity.