Is Chris Hemsworth Making a Major Career Mistake? The One Red Flag

Chris Hemsworth is well-known for portraying the hammer-wielding God of Thunder, Thor, in the MCU. Becoming worthy in 2011, Chris Hemsworth — after nearly losing the role to his younger brother — has been intimately tied to the heroic savior ever since, and can thank Marvel for his career ascension to A-list status.

MCU star Chris Hemsworth
MCU star Chris Hemsworth | Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney

When you think of Chris Hemsworth, you think of Thor. And, if Taika Waititi has had an impactful effect on your perception, you think of the humorous one introduced in Ragnarok — Shakespearean regality out, heroic superiority and cocksure humor in. 

Chris Hemsworth, with that chiseled jawline and intimidating stature, was the perfect choice for Thor, and the ideal man to place in an action-oriented saga. However, has the actor, as he attempts to make strides outside the MCU, made one irreversible career mistake?

Based on his IMDb profile. Chris Hemsworth may be setting himself up to becomes the world’s next Stallone or Harrison Ford — choosing projects destined to pigeon-hole the actor into a specific sector.

Chris Hemsworth’s upcoming roles, and the career drawback that could result 

Let’s first make it clear that Chris Hemsworth is not yet done playing Thor. Meaning, until 2021 comes and goes, the actor — no matter the roles he throws in between today and that fateful premiere — will still be connected to the God of Thunder. 

While this is not a problem in and of itself, by the time Hemsworth is done playing the character, he would have spent a decade in the same shoes, reminding fans and casting directors of the same persona. To break this mold, he should choose roles outside the action space between now and then, and immediately proceeding the film (as Chris Evans has done with Knives Out, Defending Jacob, and Jekyll). The problem: Hemsworth seems to have chosen roles that will only further cement his presence with the action genre. 

In June 2019, Chris Hemsworth starred in Men in Black: International — a reboot of the classic action-comedy — and it failed to garner positive critical reception. While on the press junket for the film with Thor co-star Tessa Thompson, the two answered questions related to their relationship, their dynamic in the Avengers (and how it carried over, but transformed for Men in Black). In terms of delineating a line of separation, this movie failed to hit the nail on the head.

Chris Hemsworth is also set to star in What If…?, Dhaka, and a Hulk Hogan biopic for Netflix. In What If…, he will once again become Thor. In Dhaka, which is currently in post-production, Hemsworth will play Tyler Rake — a missionary recruited to find an Indian businessman’s kidnapped son. While a mercenary may not be an Avenger, Hemsworth is still putting on the savior suit for this character. 

As for the Hulk Hogan biopic, this may seem like our only hope, as of today, to see the actor branch out and flex those acting muscles. However, reports indicate that much of the drama tied to Hogan’s life — including the Gawker lawsuit and sex scandal — will be amiss. The movie will, instead, focus on Hogan’s wrestling career alone; thus, Hemsworth will once again, sometime after Thor: Love and Thunder, step into a role that requires a physically large presence, and some action movie skills. 

Though MCU star Chris Hemsworth has the talent to rise to the top and enter film worlds disparate from the superhero and action-oriented space, he has yet to veer in that direction. If he’s happy where he is, then he deserves to continue thriving in that space. However, if the actor yearns to become an Oscar-contending performer, he may need to step into a family drama.