Is Christina Anstead’s Age Making Her Third Pregnancy the Hardest?

HGTV star, Christina Anstead (formerly Christina El Moussa) and Wheeler Dealers host Ant Anstead got married late last year. Both Ant and Christina have two children from a previous marriage, and when they got married, their children seemed to make a smooth transition into a picture-perfect blended family. Fans of the two TV stars were delighted to find out the newly married couple have decided to add a new addition to their family and are expecting a baby this September. 

However, Christina has made some recent social media posts that have fans worried about her third pregnancy. Is this pregnancy more difficult than her first two? Could her age be a contributing factor to a difficult pregnancy? Here is what we know about Christina Anstead’s age and how it relates to her pregnancy.

Christina had a “brutal” first trimester with baby number three

In a recent post on Instagram, Christina said that, in terms of pregnancy symptoms, she wasn’t sure if this was the worst pregnancy or if she had just forgotten how bad it can get from her first two pregnancies.

But she had classified the first trimester of this pregnancy as “brutal” and the symptoms that she was dealing with this time had completely blindsided her. She mentioned that she is extremely nauseous, having many food aversions, and is also really tired all of the time. But she also said that now that she is in her second trimester, she is starting to feel better, so hopefully, the rest of her pregnancy will not be as hard on her.

This time, her pregnancy is considered a “geriatric pregnancy”

When most people hear the word “geriatric,” they usually picture a little old lady with gray hair and a cane. However, when talking about pregnancy, any woman that is 35 years old or older is considered to be at an “advanced maternal age.” When a woman of that age gets pregnant, it is referred to as a “geriatric pregnancy.”

According to Insiderpeople over 35 years old have a greater risk of having complications during their pregnancy. Women that get pregnant over the age of 35 are said to have an increased risk of having a miscarriage, developing preeclampsia, and having other complications during delivery that may lead to the woman having to have a c-section. Babies that are born to mothers of advanced maternal age are also known to be more likely to be born with Down Syndrome and being born with low birth weight.

Although that all sounds extremely scary, according to, there are many other factors to consider, other than age, when a woman decides to have a baby. Having a baby after you have reached advanced maternal age does not necessarily mean that you or your baby will have any complications. Instead, doctors tend to pay attention to other factors, such as the woman’s health and genetics.

Also, if the woman does have complications during her pregnancy, modern medicine has made it much easier for doctors to treat and fix any problem that may occur.

Is Christina Anstead’s age making her third pregnancy the hardest?

Although age can contribute to some problems that occur during pregnancy, having morning sickness does not seem to be one of them. In fact, a recent study concluded that it is more common to see nausea and vomiting in younger pregnant women than it is in older women.  

Every pregnancy is different. Sometimes, a mother may be extremely sick during her first pregnancy but experience no bad symptoms whatsoever during her second pregnancy. It’s hard to say what exactly causes pregnant women to feel so sick, however, age does not seem to a contributing factor at all.

Christina Anstead is definitely proving that every pregnancy is different. We are not sure what has caused her to feel so bad during her first trimester with this pregnancy, but we are certainly glad to hear that she is starting to feel much better and we hope that she continues to feel good throughout the rest of her pregnancy.