‘The Bachelor:’ Is Colton Underwood the Most-Dumped Bachelor Ever?

If you watched this week’s The Bachelor episode, you were just as surprised (or not) as everyone else; Cassie dumped Colton Underwood, and half the world thought she was serious about marrying him while the other half sided with all of the women who said she wasn’t. But at the end of the day, Underwood’s heart was broken on air. But how many times has that happened to other Bachelors and Bachelorettes? Is Underwood the most-dumped Bachelor ever?

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood | Eric McCandless/Getty Images

Cassie broke things off with Underwood — and he didn’t take it well

On this week’s episode of The Bachelor, Cassie broke Underwood’s heart. She sat him down and told him she loved him but wasn’t “in love” with him, which is pretty much the one thing nobody ever wants to hear. She spent about 100 years actually ending the relationship; instead of speaking her mind and leaving, she walked out, then walked back in, then made him follow her, then stabbed him in the heart even more when she said she hopes he ends up with someone insanely in love with him. Meanwhile, Underwood didn’t take it well and said he was more in love with her than he was with any of the other two women — yikes.

This wasn’t the first time Underwood has been dumped this season — it’s the fourth

Underwood hasn’t had it too easy this season. Aside from being reminded about his virginity every five seconds, he has now been broken up with by four women. Elyse left the show in Thailand after she didn’t like the way Underwood couldn’t prioritize his time with her. Then, Sydney took herself out of the running because she felt there wasn’t a connection between the that would turn into love. Heather left the show earlier in the season after she joined Hannah, Kirpa, and Cassie on a group date and decided she wasn’t feeling right about taking the next step with Underwood. And last night, Cassie added even more heartbreak for the former NFL player when she left on her own, too.

Underwood is officially the most-dumped person in the franchise   

All of the breakups during Underwood’s season are extremely rare. Most of the time, the Bachelor is the one breaking up with the women. Although there have been women in the past who have left the show voluntarily, nobody has ever been broken up with more times on the show than Underwood. Former Bachelors Juan Pablo Galavis and Ben Higgins both saw two women voluntarily leave the show according to Vulture, which was the previous record.

In terms of The Bachelorette, the record number is three. But Underwood broke all records by being dumped by four women this season. And at this point, it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen next. Will Underwood ever return? Did he hop the fence into Narnia? Everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for next week’s episode, especially because nobody can wait to see how he handles things with the other two women.

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