Is Dave Grohl on Instagram?

Dave Grohl has lived the kind of life that rock legend is made from. He started his first band at 10 years old, but unlike most kids with dreams of being a star, he went on to become a major figure in the world of alternative rock.

He’s played with some of the greats in the business, and he’s not done yet. Grohl is both a legend in the music world and a supporter of the new generation of musicians. 

From punk rock to ‘dad rock’

Dave Grohl performs onstage
Dave Grohl | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Grohl dropped out of high school to play drums with the DC area punk rock band Scream. When he was touring with them he met someone in the music scene who set up an audition for him with Nirvana. The band members liked him right away, and Grohl moved in with Kurt Cobain, sleeping on his couch for a while. 

Of course, Nirvana quickly became hugely popular, and it is now thought of as one of the iconic bands of the era. Sadly, Cobain died by suicide in 1994, and the band broke up.

In 1995 Grohl formed the Foo Fighters, although calling it a band at that time might be a little bit of a stretch. On the first album, Grohl played almost all the instruments and sang songs he wrote himself. People loved it, so eventually, he brought on other musicians and they went on tour as a band. Since then, Foo Fighters has become a fixture in the alternative rock scene.

Of course, any band that’s been around that long is going to earn some criticism, and some people suggest that the Foo Fighters are too old, calling them “dad rock.” Grohl doesn’t mind the accusation though, because he said he never thought they were cool in the first place.

“You know the whole dad rock thing?” he said. “We’re totally dad rock. First of all, we are all dads, and you’re right, we’re a rock band… Look, I’m 50 years old”.

A rock star, husband, and dad

Although his musical talent shows no sign of getting old, his life is certainly more sedate than it was when he was crashing on Cobain’s couch in the 90s. In 2003 he married television producer Jordyn Blum. They have three daughters, Violet (13), Harper (10), and Ophelia (5).

He’s clearly a devoted family man, and his kids are ridiculously cute. They’ve even shown interest in following Grohl into the music industry. It looks like they all got some of their dad’s remarkable musical talent. 

He’s not a fan of social media

Although Grohl is still an important part of the music world (despite his proud claim of being “dad rock”) he’s not too concerned with staying on top of all the latest trends. For instance, he’s leery of social media, and he doesn’t have an Instagram account.

He says he tends to “hide from the world a lot,” and that he doesn’t really understand why people share everything online. 

Grohl admits that outlets like Instagram can be useful for sharing information, like concert dates. He also understands that some people enjoy the community, but ultimately, it’s just not for him. 

Of course, part of the reason he’d rather keep his distance is that he wants to protect his three daughters from some of the dangers they may face online. He talked about how easy it is for kids to get involved in social media and that it may start out innocently, but then it can become something else. 

“It usually begins with a project: ‘I’m gonna do a project. Can I get an Instagram account because I’m gonna do a project with horses? I’m gonna have my own horse YouTube channel!’ It starts like that. And then you wind up in front of a mirror in a thong – I think that’s what happens!”

It seems that fans are going to have to settle for hearing from Grohl in the way he does best: his music.