Is Diddy Too Old to Date Lori Harvey?

Speculation is running wild about whether hip hop artist Sean “Diddy” Combs is in a relationship with up-and-coming model Lori Harvey, who is the stepdaughter of comedian Steve Harvey. Adding a layer of juiciness to the gossip is the fact that Lori Harvey once dated Combs’ son Justin. While the rumors have been swirling since March of this year, they’ve picked up steam after a few public appearances—including one in matching outfits

While Harvey took to social media to chastise fans for believing everything they hear and assuring them she is not engaged, she did not actually deny her potential relationship with the Diddy. In addition to the fact that Harvey is his son’s ex, people are taken aback by the age gap between Harvey and Combs.

Let’s take a closer look at just how big that gap is and what other famous couples with large age gaps might tell us about their future relationship success. 

What is the age gap between Diddy and Lori Harvey?

Sean Combs
Sean Combs | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Combs is 49 years old and Harvey is only 22, making the gap between them 27 years: He’s more than twice her age. To put that in perspective, consider that in the year Harvey was born, Combs — then best known as “Puff Daddy” — was releasing his debut album No Way Out

While many will philosophically debate whether or not age matters in a relationship, it’s safe to say that these two have definitely had different life experiences and perspectives on the world. That alone doesn’t necessarily doom a relationship, but it could certainly make finding common ground and interests difficult. 

In addition to interests and hobbies, the two also have very different family dynamics. Combs has six different children from three different mothers. He has also been in tabloid headlines for decades for his many celebrity relationships. While Harvey, too, has been romantically linked to different celebrities, she doesn’t have nearly the family baggage that Combs brings to the relationship.

Other high-profile relationships with big age gaps give some clues

Combs and Harvey are certainly not the first celebrity couple with a huge age gap. 

Canadian musician David Foster and American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee recently married. Foster is 69 and McPhee is 34, making theirs a 35-year age gap. Similar to Combs, Foster has children older than his partner, including a daughter who is 48. For her part, McPhee seems to be taking the comments about their age gap in stride, even making jokes about being the “hottest step-grandma.”

Another couple with a big age gap that seems to have found their happily ever after is Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet. Bonet is 12 years younger than Momoa. In fact, he remembers seeing his future wife — who was catapulted into the spotlight when she married Lenny Kravitz — on TV and telling his mom he wanted to date her when he was only 8 years old.

Relationships with big age gaps can suggest trouble

While we have some famous examples of May-December romances that have worked out well, there is still a reason to be concerned. If someone exclusively dates people much older or younger than them, it might be a sign that their underlying motivations for a relationship are complicated in a troubling way.

People who only date much older partners may be seeking a parental figure rather than a romantic one. At the same time, those who consistently seek out younger dating partners may be looking for someone to admire them rather than someone who sees them as an equal. 

Whether Combs and Harvey are actually dating or not is still a question up for debate, but there are many relationships around (famous and not) that prove a big age gap doesn’t have to be a problem in a relationship. Still, with the added baggage of Combs’ complex family history and the fact that Harvey dated his son, the couple might be in for a bumpy ride. That said, in the end of the day, age truly is just a number: If a couple is on the same wavelength, that’s all that matters.