Is Duff Goldman From ‘Ace of Cakes’ Married? Does He Have Any Kids?

If there’s anyone known for making the most epic, creative cakes we’ve ever heard of, it’s Duff Goldman and his crew. Back in 2006, we were first introduced to Charm City Cakes, a small bakery in Baltimore that created incredible custom confections — and that’s where fans got their first taste of Duff, too. He’s friendly, he’s boisterous, and he knows he’s putting out a good product, which is why he’s still with the Food Network today even after his original show, Ace of Cakes, was cancelled long ago.

Now that we continually see Duff on other shows, fans are starting to wonder about the infamous cake baker’s personal life. So, is he married — and does he have or want children? Here’s what we know.

Duff just got married in January 2019 — and there was plenty of cake

Wedding bells were ringing for Duff right at the start of 2019. He married Johnna Colbry, 25, at the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles, People reports — and it certainly sounded like a fun wedding. While not too much is known about Duff’s young wife, they’ve seemingly been together since 2016 — and it’s clear she’s down for whatever crazy ideas he can come up with judging from how their wedding was. Since the two both love animals, their nuptials included a petting zoo, and the two said their vows under the T-rex exhibit.

Since Duff is best known for his cake creations, their wedding obviously kept this in mind for the 250 guests, too. Their first cakes were underwater themed, People reports, and they hung from the ceiling. In addition, Johnna had a white wedding cake for tradition’s sake, and Duff had a meat cake made from meatballs, meatloaf, lamb, and scrapple, and then iced with iced potatoes and topped with roses made from bacon. As Duff said, “We wanted fun food that people actually really want to eat.”

His engagement was ultra spontaneous

Their wedding sounded like a blast, but fans are even more interested in Duff’s super spontaneous engagement. Duff told People that while he was showering one day, it dawned on him that he should make his girlfriend of two years his wife. “It was just like, ‘Boom! You’re incredibly in love with this girl, you need to marry her’,” he said. He then asked her mother later that day at Johnna’s family’s Easter celebration if he could have Johnna’s hand in marriage. By the time he proposed, he didn’t even have a ring ready — but he did have a piece of butcher’s twine that he could use as a place holder.

He got her a real ring later, of course, but he reflected to People that Johnna’s so amazing that he didn’t even think she’d care if they never purchased a fancy wedding ring at all. “I mean, the huge thing though—and I feel like this is why I am currently in love with this girl—is that if I just wanted it to be a piece of butcher’s twine, I think she’d be okay with that,” he said.

Does he want children?

There’s no doubt Duff loves Johnna — and it’s clear marrying the love of his life has changed his perspective on a few things as well. While he claimed before he never wanted children and currently doesn’t have any, it now seems like his mind may be changing. “I never wanted kids and now I’m just like, ‘Of course we’re going to have kids!’,” he told People. “Everything changed. My whole worldview changed. A weight was lifted.”

As for now, Duff is gearing up for his new show where he’ll compete against fellow baker Buddy Valastro, so we’re not sure if kids are in the pipeline just yet. But fans are extremely excited to see all the great things the happy couple does next.

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