Is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Ready for Season 5 of ‘Ballers’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has become one of the most in-demand actors in the world. The professional wrestler-turned-actor has had a very successful year. Johnson earned more than any other actor in 2018. Johnson had two of the year’s biggest action blockbusters with Rampage and Skyscraper. The Hollywood stud’s success isn’t confined to the big screen, though.

HBO’s Ballers has been a massive hit, helping the network to stand up against its competition despite many of its hit shows ending in the past seven years. Season 4 of Ballers ended in October 2018, leaving fans with their fingers crossed for a fifth season. With Johnson’s demanding schedule, many feared that the star would not return to reprise his role as Spencer Strasmore on the series.

Season 5 of ‘Ballers’ is officially happening

Johnson took to his Instagram in September 2018 to announce that HBO had renewed Ballers for a fifth season. In his Instagram post, Johnson stated, “THANK YOU FANS worldwide for rockin’ with us and being the driving force behind our success. Besides us being HBO’s highest-rated show – I also feel my character’s ambition, drive & demons is an extension of our loyal fans who watch – and we’ll continue to go hard and rock this motherf*cker til’ the wheels fall off. Our next season will be our best yet. Let’s roll.”

Will Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s schedule impact the air date of season 5 of ‘Ballers’?

Johnson is one of Hollywood’s busiest men right now. According to his IMDB page, Johnson has three films set to release in 2019, two films in pre-production, and an additional five projects that have been announced with limited information. He also produces a large number of projects. Johnson’s production company has four films being released in 2019. The production company also has three films in pre-production and six projects that have been announced.

Johnson will undoubtedly be extremely busy acting and producing over the next twelve months, so his schedule will certainly impact the air date for Ballers‘ Season 5. IMDB has the series’ fifth season set to premiere in 2019. Given the dates for previous season premieres, Season 5 should air sometime between Summer and Fall of 2019.

What will happen in season 5 of ‘Ballers’?

Season 4 of Ballers set Johnson’s Strasmore up for a climactic fifth season. The financial manager has yet to forgive the NCAA for his brother’s injury and subsequent suicide. Some drama between Strasmore and Jayda can also be expected, given that the mother was angry enough to throw a pie at his windshield after he her son, Quincy, was pulled into Strasmore’s beef with NCAA.

It has been predicted that Strasmore will wage full war against the NCAA in Ballers Season 5, especially after he told Quincy that he was going to “take the NCAA down, brick-by-brick,” according to Bustle.

How much will Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson be paid for season 5 of ‘Ballers’?

Johnson is one of the highest paid TV actors in the world, with only the cast of Big Bang Theory earning more per episode than he does. It is reported that Johnson earns $650,000 per episode for the series. Each season of Ballers has had 10 episodes, so we can assume that Johnson earns upwards of $6.5 million per season, given that he also produces the series.

Between 2017 and 2018, Johnson earned the prestigious title of becoming the highest paid actor in Forbes‘ 20-year history of tracking celebrity earners. With so many projects on his plate, including a Fast and the Furious spinoff, the next couple of years look to be just as ambitious for Johnson.