Is ‘Eastbound & Down’ Free on Amazon Prime? How to Watch Danny McBride’s Show Anytime

In the annals of outrageous comedies, Eastbound & Down has to rank near the top. Much like the Adam McKay film Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, the HBO show followed the life of a self-absorbed, overly confident Southern man who reaches the heights in his professional sports career.

But while Talladega Nights depicted Ricky Bobby at his peak, Eastbound & Down checked in with former star pitcher Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) at a low point. Over four seasons, you see him fail at domestic life, try a comeback in Mexico, return to the minor leagues, then start all over again.

Old fans and new viewers alike can watch the show on Amazon Prime now at no additional charge. Here are the details for checking in on Eastbound & Down whenever you like.

The show featured countless star cameos (with Will Ferrell and Matthew McConaughey’s ranking near the top) and hilarious storylines over its 29 half-hour episodes. As such, it remains one of the most binge-worthy series of recent memory. (It ran from 2009-13.)

Amazon Prime now streaming all 4 seasons of ‘Eastbound’

Danny McBride as Kenny Powers in ‘Eastbound & Down’ | HBO

While Prime members only get a limited look at some HBO shows (just two seasons of Veep, for example), the video part of the membership offers access to all four seasons of Eastbound & Down. Just type the title into the search bar at Prime Video and start streaming.

McBride, who created the series with Jody Hill and Ben Best, never lets up in his portrayal of Powers. He’s more comfortable at war than peace, so whenever there’s a dull moment he seems to go hunting for the next struggle.

Since he’s now working at a rental-car place and deigning to teach gym class at the local public school, Powers is never far from a blow-up. Of course, it doesn’t help when a manipulative BMW dealer Ashley Schaeffer (Ferrell) pokes at his pride while offering cash for celebrity appearances.

After the brisk, six-episode first season, Powers heads south of the border to regroup. That location yields some of the funniest moments of the series. (“God, getting people to like me is a full-time job!” Powers screams in one episode.) McConaughey, Adam Scott, Don Johnson and Ana de la Reguera (Nacho Libre) all contribute in this installment.

Back in South Carolina for Season Three, Jason Sudeikis and Craig Robinson help McBride keep the absurdity coming. In Season Four, it’s Ken Marino’s turn to shine as Kenny Powers gets yet another taste of the spotlight.

‘Eastbound’ always available in its entirety on HBO as well

Kenny Power faces a challenge from an upstart reliever in Season 3. | HBO

If you have trouble keeping track of your many streaming services and options, you’re not alone. Which is to say: Anyone who doesn’t have Prime but subscribes to HBO can always steam Eastbound & Down in its entirety, too.

HBO may be keeping viewers busy with an excellent new season of True Detective (which isn’t available on Prime), but between The Wire, The Sopranos, and Eastbound (all of which are on Prime), there’s quite a back catalog for fans of great TV to explore at any time.

With McBride’s brilliant Vice Principals done and his next HBO project in the works, streaming his first great show is one way to stay in touch with a unique comedy talent.

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