Is Everybody Getting Fooled About Meghan Markle’s Baby Boy?

The rumors about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy continue unabated, including so-called reliable information that’s still more than a little suspect. Everybody seems to think they know something someone else knows about Meghan and Harry. One of those rumors is what the gender of her upcoming child will be.

Meghan Markle hiding her mouth
Meghan and Harry are keeping us guessing about their baby’s gender | Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

According to recent reports, they secretly revealed to friends they’re having a boy. What makes this problematic is it comes from only one source, meaning it may be a diversionary tactic we’ve only seen from very crafty Hollywood celebrities.

Are Meghan and Harry using this clever technique to throw everyone off the rumor trail?

The art of media diversion

Recently, we wrote about Jennifer Lawrence hiding her wedding ring from the paparazzi and how she seemingly plots her nights out so photographers can’t capture any images. We noted Lawrence is probably a master of paparazzi diversion, something even Meghan Markle likely learned when working in Hollywood.

While Markle wasn’t nearly a big of star, she was famous enough where the paparazzi were sometimes a problem. During the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry, the paparazzi turned relentless.

Within this time, she likely set up a strategy for how she’d deal with the media rumors. Part of this seems to be a group of close friends who volunteer to defend Meghan while she does her royal duties.

The original thought was Meghan and Harry were having a girl

The initial thought was Meghan and Harry were having a girl based squarely on past quotes from both of them. Harry even insinuated it off-the-cuff when being interviewed in Australia a few months ago.

Of course, just because a couple wants a specific gender, it doesn’t mean nature will cooperate. Though that doesn’t stop people from wishing for desired results.

Maybe they already know it’s a girl and decided rumors of it being a boy would be the best diversion in royal history. Would the two go this far to make the gender reveal a complete surprise?

Learning from Princess Diana

Outside the tragedy of Princess Diana having her fate at the hands of the paparazzi, the lessons learned are clearly evident in William and Harry. They’re already doing things to help coexist with the media more peacefully than they did in the 1980s and ’90s.

Still, the paparazzi have been as crazy as a swarm of bees around Meghan. Having Meghan’s craftiness in dealing with paparazzi photographers and Harry’s own experience likely integrated their skills.

When you add in friends working more or less like a grassroots diversion force, it’s easy to become skeptical about any royal baby gender news.

Meghan and Harry may not know what their baby’s gender is

The safer bet is to take the recent news of Meghan and Harry choosing to not know the gender of their first child. Considering no one in the royal family has given an official announcement, it’s best to go back to the basics and remember if you don’t hear it from an official source, it might not be true.

Amid all the speculation about gender, it’s ironic Meghan and Harry have been rightly promoting gender equality during their time overseas.

In the meantime, other sources still insist they’re having a boy based on one key photo. Apparently Meghan’s friend (actress Abigail Spencer) was seen bringing in baby shower gifts intended for a boy. Said photo is ultimately cut off so we can’t definitively see what those gifts are.

We still think Meghan and Harry are smarter than many know. They may be giving us a lot of life surprises far beyond the royal baby gender reveal.