Is Everybody Wrong About Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson’s Relationship?

Whenever we see what appears to be an odd couple linking up romantically, the immediate thought always turns to it being just a temporary fling. Thankfully, true love has evolved in celebrity culture to go beyond just what someone looks like or whether they’re roughly the same age.

Even if May-December relationships are nothing unusual in Hollywood, it’s rare to see someone like Kate Beckinsale link up romantically with a comedian like Pete Davidson.

Beckinsale continues to defend her relationship with Davidson, and now we have to look at their romanticism as more than what was initially assumed. Let’s look at some personal aspects to what made them truly click.

Initially, many thought it was just Beckinsale having fun dating guys

Not long ago, we wrote about the new Beckinsale-Davidson fling and thought it was just a brief affair. After all, Beckinsale was quoted as saying she was merely having fun after experiencing failed marriages over the last 20 years.

Things have quickly turned. Since then, the two have seemingly become much closer, despite Beckinsale not talking about it on talk shows. No doubt she’s requested no one bring it up since pictures speak louder than words anyway.

There isn’t any better evidence than when one of the individuals in the couple takes the other to meet the parents. In this case, it was Kate taking Pete to meet former’s mother and stepdad recently.

Now we only wonder if it’ll turn into a real-life Meet the Parents situation.

The meeting was also an emotional anniversary

While Beckinsale introduced Davidson to her parents, you probably noticed the “stepdad” in the equation. That’s because Kate’s birth dad died 40 years ago on March 19.

The meeting was meant as a noted anniversary of Richard Beckinsale’s passing. He was a notable actor/comedian in Britain back in the 1970s, though died at age 31 from a massive heart attack due to a heart defect.

Considering Beckinsale was only five years old when he died, it changed her life dramatically. She even re-watched the British sitcom her dad starred in (Porridge) while growing up to keep him in her memory.

If you didn’t notice, there’s a major emotional link between this and why Kate hit it off with Pete Davidson.

Davidson also lost his father tragically

Most of you probably know Pete Davidson’s firefighter father died in one of the World Trade Center buildings during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Davidson was also just a kid at the time, but this obviously still affects him to this day. His chronic depression is often linked to having to go through such a tragic loss at only seven years old.

When you place this in perspective, you can see why Davidson and Beckinsale found a deeper kinship beyond just love of comedy. Most psychologists say we connect romantically with someone more powerfully when it’s related to something emotional.

It’s a safe bet to say Beckinsale and Davidson fell in love because of this, and likely a few other things. Just put it all together and it should quiet all the naysayers about why such a relationship seemed so far into left field.

The emotion of loss goes beyond age

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Outside of the 20-year difference between Davidson and Beckinsale, relating to one another about personal loss melts away what your age is. Losing your father before you’re even a teen is a universal tragedy many have gone through. Finding someone who shares identical pain can make the relationship all the more meaningful.

There’s a good chance Kate and Pete could marry and be completely happy for life based on their comedic connection and the above emotional bond. Should it happen, it’ll teach us all to look at the details behind a romantic pairing before making a judgment based on wild physical disparities.