Is Farrah Abraham Broke? Why Some Fans Think So

She may not be part of the Teen Mom franchise anymore, but fans will never forget that that’s how celebrity Farrah Abraham got her start. While she originally was part of 16 and Pregnant followed by Teen Mom, she was allegedly let go from the series due to her difficulties with production. That didn’t stop the star from staying in the spotlight, though, as she continued on to other reality TV series’ and is always coming up with new business ideas for her and her daughter.

It appears that Farrah is living the life of the rich and famous that she always dreamed of — but now, fans are starting to think the celebrity is actually broke. Here’s why.

She allegedly failed to pay her legal bills

From the looks of Farrah’s Instagram, it certainly doesn’t look like she’s low on funds — but Radar Online reports otherwise. The publication notes back in November 2018, lawyer Avonte Campinha-Bacote hit Farrah with a lawsuit claiming she failed to pay one of her invoices. As the complaint read, “Defendant Farrah Abraham contracted me to provide legal services on an hourly basis. Defendant has paid the balance on every invoice to date, with exception of the October invoice.”

As for how much Farrah allegedly owes, the invoice was for over $2,500. Farrah also allegedly said she would not be paying the money because “she voluntarily and without good cause failed to follow through on a deal,” so she shouldn’t have to make the payment. As for what the lawyer was helping Farrah out with, it appears he was assisting with her temporary restraining order against her ex, Simon Saran, and email correspondence for other projects.

Boxing match promoter Damon Feldman also said Farrah begged him for money

Failing to pay her invoice could have been one big misunderstanding, but promoter Damon Feldman is also clueing fans in to Farrah’s possible financial issues. In case you don’t recall, Farrah was set to compete in a charity celebrity boxing match against Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander in 2018 — but she bailed at the last minute. Not only was Damon furious that the Teen Mom star dropped out, but he also told Radar Online that Farrah was begging him for money from the match early.

“She needed the money so bad, so I sent her the next $2,500 in cash because she couldn’t accept a check. She said she was broke, and was in tears, and said, ‘Please, I’m getting kicked out of my house,’” Damon said. “That’s also why she was doing that other reality show. She’s broke and was getting evicted.”

To make matters worse for Farrah, Damon was also filing a lawsuit against her for $12,000 since she allegedly refused to return the money she was given before the match started.

Other sources claim her spending habits have caught up with her

It appears other sources have also spoken out about Farrah’s money woes. According to Pop Culture, sources at Hollyscoop claim Farrah is totally out of money due to her crazy spending habits.

If this is true, she certainly hasn’t let her followers on social media catch on to her troubles just yet. For New Year’s Eve, she appeared to be in Singapore living it up with her young daughter. Since then, we also got a glimpse of Farrah in rooftop pools and working out in beautiful gyms while abroad, too. She’s certainly made some level of income from Ex on the Beach, too, so perhaps that’s helped her pay whatever debts she owed. We’ll have to wait and see what comes next for the star.

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