Is Farrah Abraham Getting Her Own Reality Show?

While fans first saw Farrah Abraham on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant followed by her long stint on Teen Mom OGthe star has been able to leave those shows behind and still maintain a serious following. From her dramatic moments on TV to her controversial Instagram posts, there’s no doubt we can’t wait to see what Farrah’s going to do next. And, at this point, nothing seems impossible for the young star to accomplish. She’s started plenty of her own businesses and has found success along the way. Fans wouldn’t be surprised if the star had her own show, either.

So, is it possible Farrah will have her own reality series in the near future? Here’s what we think.

Farrah first discussed the possibility of her own series back in 2013

In case you forgot, it appears Farrah’s had the idea of her own series on the brain for years. Back in May 2013, the star tweeted a link to a tabloid claiming she’s after her own show. “Get ready for better TV :) The News Is True,” she commented while sharing the link.

According to Starcasm, at the time, Farrah signed what “appears to be a reality show deal with Sinboi Films” — and the project was being called a “docu-soap” at the time. The publication even notes that Spinboi Films also announced the news of them bringing Farrah aboard for a new project. “MAJOR NEWS!! Spinboi Films has signed Teen Mom Farrah Abraham to develop a new reality docu-soap! TV magic coming soon!” the announcement stated. It was also thought that Farrah’s parents, who were regulars on Teen Mom, would be seen on this alleged new show.

It seems something must’ve happened to this show at the time, however, as it never saw the light of day. While she didn’t get her own show back in 2013, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for the star nowadays, though.

There’s been more recent talk of her own series

Could Farrah be making a comeback in 2019? Nothing seems too set in stone, though talks of her own TV show are ramping up once again. According to TMZ, Farrah was recently meeting up with Hollywood producers back in November 2018 to start the ground work on creating her own show. She was allegedly spotted with her manager, David Weintraub, and Jeff Jenkins, someone TMZ calls a “reality TV mastermind.” They were in Studio City, Los Angeles, having lunch and seemingly discussing Farrah’s future show.

So, what could Farrah’s own series possibly be about? Sourced allegedly told TMZ that the show would center around Farrah’s life but would also include the lives of other single moms and how they all juggle their lives at work, home, and in the romance department. Negotiations are still occurring, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Has her firing from Teen Mom damaged her on-screen reputation?

We still see Farrah from time to time on reality TV (she’s currently on MTV’s Ex On the Beach, for example), but viewers can’t help but forget she was fired from the main show that made her famous. In Touch Weekly reminds us Farrah was let go from the show because the MTV producers said she was too difficult to work with, though Farrah says otherwise. According to the star, the network let her go because of her involvement in the adult film industry. Either way, will her firing from one network make it more difficult for her to attain her own show?

Farrah’s managed to bounce back completely without Teen Mom, and she’s been featured in a number of reality shows despite her alleged difficulty. If anything, her polarizing attitude may be exactly what reality producers want for good TV, so we doubt it’s getting in her way now.

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