Is Farrah Abraham Pushing Sophia into the Spotlight Too Much?

You could say Farrah Abraham has made a name for herself using the same Kardashian methods to being a (mostly) household name. While you may know Abraham from reality shows like 16 and Pregnant, or Teen Mom almost a decade ago, she also became a recent cast member of the MTV series Ex on the Beach.

Amid her wild escapades in the world of reality television (and selling sex tapes), she managed to raise a daughter. Some of you may know her daughter, Sophia, who Abraham was expecting when doing 16 and Pregnant. Sophia is 10 years old now, but her mom is receiving criticism about pushing her into stardom.

Is it the Kardashian method all over again?

Going beyond the typical mom

When you see pics of Abraham and Sophia over the years, they look like a normal family. It’s clear Abraham has raised Sophia well, despite always having her daughter in the spotlight.

Now it brings one dilemma even the Kardashians (with kids) are mulling over. Should they let their kids follow in the same path to stardom, or is it just an inevitable outcome?

To figure this out, it pays to look at social media and how much it’ll possibly shape how famous Sophia becomes. Considering anybody can become well-known as an “influencer” on social media, we wonder what Sophia is inevitably going to do.

Also, since many fans think Farrah wants to be a Kardashian, you have to wonder what she’ll let Sophia get away with doing.

What has Sophia already done to make a name for herself?

Unfortunately, Farrah’s push over the years to move her daughter into the limelight might have backfired recently. Sophia has been very active on social media, including Twitter and Instagram. When you allow a 10-year-old to post on their own, though, you’re usually asking for at least some trouble.

Farrah posted a vlog on YouTube not long ago where she said she had a breakdown because Sophia had no concept of how hard her mother works. She said Sophia didn’t remember her mother went to college and started a successful TV franchise (Teen Mom).

This would probably concern any parent who tried to raise their offspring to be more humble and appreciative. Sophia reportedly apologized to her mom for not understanding gratefulness.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped any social media controversy.

Should Sophia post without supervision?

Most average parents wouldn’t let their 10-year-old daughter post on social media without being supervised. Perhaps Farrah does monitor what her daughter says, yet it’s obvious Sophia has a very sophisticated personality that allows her to mostly post without much consequence.

Not long ago, we wrote about how Farrah is very “hands-off” in letting Sophia take her own direction. It’s already ruffled feathers, especially when their dog died last year and Sophia insinuated she was maybe offhandedly responsible.

Some media outlets pounced on this, even if it was really due to other circumstances and not from lack of good care.

Situations like this make us wonder if Farrah and Sophia really have it together more than the media wants to show their fans.

Can Sophia live a normal life, or be like her mom and the Kardashians?

Defining the word “normal” for reality show stars is like trying to define the personality of our President. There’s a lot of complexity there and inevitable dark paths living in the crazy world of showbiz.

If you can argue the Kardashians are very successful, the roads they took to get there weren’t always pretty. We’ve seen evidence Farrah Abraham also often took a sullied path to reach where she is now.

One can only hope Sophia will learn from this and advance herself without doing sex tapes or necessarily having to become better known from reality shows.

Based on her social media posts of late, she seems to have a 30-year-old head on her shoulders. Understanding the reality of what her mom went through will hopefully mean a refreshing new path to stardom based on talent/business smarts rather than creating a repeating history pattern.