Is Former ‘Bull’ Star Eliza Dushku Struggling To Find Work Following Allegations Against Michael Weatherly?

Eliza Dushku starred as J.P. Nunnelly in the CBS hit series Bull until her sexual harassment allegations against co-star Michael Weatherly left her jobless. According to TV Guide, Dushku’s allegations included the following: 

A documented incident involving Weatherly asking her to visit his “rape van,” filled with all sorts of lubricants and phallic things as well as mocking his own personal sexual harassment training by shouting the words “yellow card.”

Michael Weatherly and Eliza Dushku of 'Bull'
Michael Weatherly and Eliza Dushku of ‘Bull’ | Photo by Barbara Nitke/CBS via Getty Images

Though Eliza Dushku walked away with a $9.5 million settlement — intended to account for the money she would have made had she stayed on the series — many feel Michael Weatherly’s recent induction into a “leadership coaching” class is a sorry excuse for punishment.

CBS President Kahl justified the show’s recent renewal through fiscal means — citing the show’s continued success in the wake of Weatherly’s abhorrent behavior. So, Michael Weatherly will continue to lead his primetime series, walking away virtually unscathed; meanwhile, what’s Eliza Dushku have on the horizon? Anything good?

Inside Eliza Dushku’s IMDb page; no upcoming acting gigs, but…

If you take a look at Eliza Dushku’s IMDb profile, you will notice that her last acting roles listed are for The Saint and Bull, both of which she starred in in 2017. According to IMDb, the young and talented actress has no acting gigs on the horizon. 

Considering IMDb manages to note when a film or TV show is announced — even if it’s over two years from release — you may think that this is not a great sign for Dushku. However, she may be choosing to stray from acting gigs, leaning towards behind-the-scenes work instead. 

Eliza Dushku recently produced Mapplethorpe in 2018, and she will serve as a producer on the upcoming TV Movie The Black Company, which is currently in pre-production. During an interview with Time Magazine, Dushku made clear that she could be in LA, landing roles; however, that’s not her current M.O.

Dushku told Time that she doesn’t want people to think “coming forward means ending your career”, for it doesn’t and should not. Dushku may not have any actings gigs on the horizon; however, she is working as a producer, and still operating successfully in the entertainment industry. 

More women need to take the reigns behind the scenes anyway; there are not enough female directors and producers, so she’s managed to, arguably, snag a more difficult gig to come by. The best form of revenge is success, right?

Eliza Dushku explains what exactly happened with Michael Weatherly and CBS

Eliza Dushku has been a victim of sexual harassment and abuse since she started in the industry. However, the incident with Michael Weatherly represents the first time she spoke out. 

According to Time,  Dushku tried to resolve the issue with Michael Weatherly directly (and in a private manner). Shortly after her conversation with Weatherly, she said she was fired from the procedural. Dushku explains to Time that she shouldn’t have expected anything better; however, remains frustrated. She stated:

I guess what makes me angry is people knew. Important people knew…They could have done something. And they didn’t. 


While Dushku’s career may be thriving, losing a starring role on an extremely successful show, as a result of someone else’s unacceptable behavior, remains inexcusable. Instances such as this should no longer be tolerated, and Dushku, speaking out on the matter (as much as she can within legal limits), serves to send that reminder. CBS needs to listen and punish those responsible (not the victims).